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BlackBoyAddictionz - Enticed By Eddie (part 1)

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DescriptionWhen a new model first comes over for his solo "audition," I usually try to be on my best behavior and keep things as "professional" as possible. Not wanting to make the new guy uncomfortable or risk scaring him away too soon, I always try my best to respect his boundaries and keep my horny hands to myself. But every so often a new black boy comes along who tempts me to throw out my own "rules" and abandon all self-control!
That's exactly what happened with my newest model Eddie, an irresistibly cute black boy from the 'hood who likes to play basketball, go to the movies, and chill with his "homeboys." When Eddie showed up late one night for his solo "audition," I knew right away that I wanted to get my hands on his slim, sexy body - but figured I'd have to be patient and seduce the new boy over time. Little did I know that before the night was over, my face, tongue, AND fingers would be buried in the cute black kid's SWEET ASS!
See fr yourself how this routine solo "audition" turns into a whole lot more than I could have ever expected when Eddie invites me to do more than just DROOL over his sexy young body, and I end up succumbing to temptation once again!
If you share my weakness for cute, slim black boys who look like they're just barely out of high school, then I guarantee you're going to fall in love with Eddie!
Eddie's late-night "audition" starts off with an interview to get better acquainted with the cute black teen literally minutes after meeting him for the very first time.
Although Eddie claims to be a "thug," he explains that he's more of the laid-back, non-violent type and exhibits a quiet, somewhat shy personality that is really cute and endearing. He says that while he enjoys fucking females at least twice a month, he's still fairly new and inexperienced when it comes to exploring his attraction to guys. He also shocks me by confessing that he has a secret attraction to older white men!
When Eddie tells me the story about his first gay experience (which happened to be with an older white man), I get so turned on that I ask him to stand and lift up his shirt to give us a sneak peek at the flawless bubble-butt popping out and over his sagging jeans....
As Eddie teases both me and the viewers by stripping off his shirt to reveal his toned teenage body for the very first time, I can't resist the urge to stroke my own rock-hard dick through my shorts. This only seems to encourage the horny black boy even more, and Eddie even shyly admits that doing a striptease for an older white man is a fantasy come true for him!
Not needing any prompting from me, Eddie bends over and spreads open his butt-cheeks to generously show off his tight young hole.
"You can stick your face in it!" he quietly offers when I move in behind him for a closer look.
Now who in their right mind would TURN DOWN an offer as tempting as that?!?
Eddie crawls onto his knees with his ass in the air, his baggy jeans still bunched around his legs, and I dive in for my first smell and taste of the new kid's ass!
I bury my face DEEP in that beautiful black butt, rubbing my face up and down its tight, sweaty crack and eagerly inhaling its fresh-off-the-street scent! It's funny to watch Eddie's eyes roll back into his head as I expertly tongue-fuck his sweet young hole!
I take a brief break to shove my fingers in and out of Eddie's wet mouth, groping his thick, purple lips and telling him to suck on my fingers as if he was sucking my dick.
We take the spontaneous fun to the bedroom, where Eddie sprawls out on the bed and pulls out an impressive uncut dick that grows even BIGGER as he proudly shows it off!
"I bet you've made some girls happy with that!" I exclaim with admiration and envy as I grab hold of the young thug's huge dick.
"It always does!" Eddie boasts with a smile.
Eddie continues showing off his dick, then turns over to tease us some more with his irresistibly cute, round butt - including many generous close-up shots of that BEAUTIFUL hole for all of my fellow ass-fanatics out there!
"You wanna stick a finger in there?" Eddie asks, tempting me once again to break my own rules.
I press the tip of my finger excitedly against the black boy's tight hole, slowly pushing it all the way in until the whole finger is buried deep in his guts. I wiggle it around in eager exploration before beginning to thrust in and out - slowly at first, then with greater speed and intensity as his tight young asshole squeezes my finger.
Caught up in a lust-fueled frenzy, I begin shoving my finger in and out of Eddie's warm ass, repeatedly violating his tight, dry hole as he gasps and grunts in a sexy teen voice....
Clearly turned on by the act of surrendering his tight black ass to an older white man, Eddie frantically strokes his huge dick until he blasts a nice, creamy "nutt" across his stomach and chest.
The scene concludes with a brief wrap-up interview in which Eddie shares his amusing reactions to his not-so-solo "audition."
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