‚ôļ Lovers' Quarrel - Brandon Jones & Andre Donovan

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Original upload: 2015-03-17 |
Brandon Jones is a dirty, naughty bad boy. He texted a picture of his dick to the hot guy that works at the gas station downtown. Andre is PISSED! But Brandon knows the quickest way back into his good graces. That’s why he’s kissing softly and licking gently along the back of Andre’s neck.

Sure enough, Andre can’t resist this type of sweet loving. Before Andre can even turn his frown upside down, Brandon is taking Andre’s fat, meaty dick deep. After some passionate sucking, Andre has a nice taste of Brandon’s tender ass. He licks it up and down thoroughly, anticipating what’s next.

Andre pushes his thick erection into Brandon slowly at first, then pounds him hard. He makes sure to deliver a solid punishment so Brandon won’t text flirt with other guys anymore. Join these love birds and find out if naughty Brandon learns his lesson!


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