Brandon & Liev

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Description"Damn it, he's hot!" Liev whispered to me discreetly. He had been hanging out with Brandon for a while, and when Brandon went to the rest room, Liev couldn't wait to express his excitement!

"Yeah, he's damn near perfect," I agreed.

Brandon returned, and I guess Liev wanted to take the direct approach.

"How big is your cock?" he asked Brandon.

Brandon wasn't sure how to respond.

"It's husband sized," I joked. Brandon laughed.

"Good!" Liev said. "Cause the last guy was huge! His dick was like an ice cream cone!"

One thing was certain though... Liev was going to make sure Brandon had a good time.

Liev practically ripped Brandon's clothes off and wasted no time going down on him. Liev has been a little clumsy in the past with his oral skills, but this time he was an expert. Brandon loved it!

Brandon was the most confident I've ever seen him. He really gave it to Liev!

Afterward, they were both out breath.

"Wow!" I said. "You guys were really great together!"

"Yeah!" Brandon said, looking at Liev.

"Shit, that was fun," Liev added...
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