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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-08-19 |
V61 - Two, Two, Two Loads in One!
It doesn’t happen often (at least when the camera’s on). But we got this double header on film. Steve licks Hugo’s dick and balls until they’re as big and hard as a case of breath mints. Then its time for some serious fucking. Hugo puts one load of cum on Steve’s butt and then goes back inside for another. Just like the old tv ad, it’s Two, Two, Two loads in one.

V62 - Arts & Crafts Time with The DungeonBears!
Arts and Craft with the DungeonBears is our first exploration of what you can do with scissors, glue, liquid latex, a tennis ball container, a hairy bear, and two AA batteries. It worked! Steve had a Hugo in both ends, and buzzing, gushing load that will turn your switch on.

V63 - Sit on This!
When you’re big bears like us, one of the best ways to fuck begins with a solid foundation: with Hugo on his back and his dick straight up in the air. That way, Steve can sit on his dick and ride it at the right speed and the right angle for as long as he wants—or until he cums. And with gravity pulling Hugo’s bear belly out of the way, our DungeonBear cameras can zoom in (way in!) to see Steve’s hairy ass sliding up and down over Hugo’s dick. As usual, Steve cums like a horse (which is one reason we almost called this movie “Riding the Range”).

V64 - By the Book
It was one of the last days of summer. The sky was big and blue, the birds were singing, and the sun was warming up my belly. I thought I’d relax with a book, but Steve was on a different page entirely–the one where he’s on his knees and I’m dripping precum and sweat into the hair between his bear buns. I tried and tried to make it last, but I couldn’t wait to get to the end. Then came Steve’s sequel, with–you guessed it!–a riveting, explosive climax. Now I want to read it again, but the pages are all stuck together.

V65 - Bear Soup
No, it’s not the hot tub at a Bear run. It’s our new recipe for bear porn: Take one king sized bathtub with bubble jets, fill with warm, sudsy water and add two large, hairy bears (we used DungeonBears, but others will probably work just fine). Let the bears simmer and steam until their fur is thick, dark, and matted. Simmer until the stiff parts of the bears have softened (about twenty-five minutes, but your results may vary). Then add one half cup bubble bath, turn up the bubble jets, and relax. (Watch out for overflowing water.)

Serve as often as you like. No carbs! All protein!

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