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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-07-05 |
Straight Guys Bound, Tied and Made to Wank Made to Admit They're Really Gay.... They're Straight but He'll make them Gay. He's Gay by He'll never admit it...
1. Dante: This irritating little twink hitchhiker was willing to let me take him "anywhere" so I took him.... This little twinky tried to go to the market. This little twinky should have stayed home. This little twinky liked to eat beef. This little twinky had none. This little twinky cried "No, No, No!" and never did make it home.

2. Greg: I found this fairy looking for beer cans out on the streets. Obviously saving up his nickels to go the local gay bath house to get his fix of fag crack. Well I picked him up and gave him a bath alright. Cleaned him good. You won't be looking for his queer cans in my neighbourhood anymore.

3. Bucky: This is the first guy that tipped me over the edge. I mean look at him, what a fag! He has fairy written all over him! I'm so sick of these light loafered queers running around free in my neighbourhood. But I fixed him. Fixed him good. He's probably still out there in the woods tied to that tree.

4. Troy I always knew those surfing boys were queer. They way they wax their hard boards all day and then ride the wave. Most of them die their hair blond too. Fucking Pillow Biters. I wrecked my van picking this guy up. Guess I was too excited catching this one I wasn't paying attention.

5. Jayson: Queers come from other countries as well. This Cuban fudge-packer needed a little help finding his way. How-do-you-say... AGFAY? This sword swallower was easily lead down the wrong path. The three dollar bill jerked off like a foreigner too. I never did get to see his fag juice come out of his pixie pike. That won't happen again...

6. Daniel
Certainly fetish clips more than bondage, these "straight" guys are captured, lightly bound, verbally abused by their captor, and forced to jack off to orgasm in front of their captor. It is entertaining and hot to see these guys dominated by their captors.
Media Info: 320x240, WMV3, 15-23 minutes in length
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