Good as gold

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DescriptionIn pseudo-reality TV style, including interviews with some of the performers, "Good as Gold" chronicles bodybuilder and Falcon star Matthew Rush's Sydney Gay Games ( ) competition experience, with some interesting sideline action. The production even includes some footage of Matthew's winning posing routine, which is as impressive as any pro competitor's.

This production is a real gem, as the hunk stars in three of the four sex scenes. In the opener, with Falcon veteran Jake Andrews, a chance meeting in the Jacuzzi following a workout turns into a heavy cruise and a scorching encounter between the two studs in a hotel room, complete with passionate kisses (Matthew's lips look so soft and sensual that you halfway expect Falcon to make a duplicate cast in rubber, a la their famous star dildos, and market them to Matthew's fans). Deep-throat blows follow the kissing, and then Jake bottoms enthusiastically for Matthew, taking all of the star's heavy meat in his well-trained ass. The scene ends with the two studs jerking off while kissing, and Jake cums for what seems like ages.

Matthew next hooks up with fuck buddy Joe Foster, for a Falcon party celebrating the release of another Matthew Rush production, "Defined." Matthew looks relaxed and affable the whole time (as he does usually) and the party includes a solo jerk-off performance by an up-and-coming (pun definitely intended) star, Dean Tyler. Tyler's performance is ballsy, to say the least, considering he has a roomful of gay studs watching his every stroke.

After the performance at the party, Matthew retires to the hotel for a good night's sleep (he's got the competition to think of, after all) but buddy Foster is just getting warmed up. He heads off to a tryst with Josh Weston, Nino Bacci, Joe Foster, Jason Tyler, Paul Johnson, Cameron Fox, Derek Cameron, Brendan Falke, Tommy Brandt and Jack Ryan. What follows is a Falcon specialty, an orgy that is so energetic, sweaty, and filled with flying loads of cum that you feel like you need a shower just from watching it. Although Foster and Johnson pretty much direct the action, once again Weston proves to be a powerhouse performer, stealing the show with his piston-like fucking, and blowing a sizable load at the end.

Of course it would be a shame to make a gay porno flick in Australia and not use the gorgeous beaches as a backdrop, and the next scene begins with Australian hunks Steve Hogan and Brendan Austen in heavy foreplay, making tents out of their tight bikinis with their burgeoning erections. Matthew shows up in the nick of time, and joins the pair, and Brendan shows off his bottoming skills by sitting and bouncing on Steve's cock while sucking Matthew's boner. Matthew also gets his turn filling Brendan's hole, while Steve turns the tables and sucks Brendan. All three shoot big loads at the end, with Matthew serving as the target for all three blasts.

In the finale, Matthew and Foster finally get together. Matthew, still glowing with his recent medal win, devours Foster's mouth with sensual kisses, then the two trade blowjobs and Matthew rims Foster's very inviting hairless hole. The fuck scene between the two is the best of the entire video, with Matthew shoving his thick meat into Foster's delectable asshole in the missionary position. The camera gets all of the hot, sun-drenched coupling, and the two hunks look like they are totally into the action. Again, the scene climaxes with a huge cum-shot from each stud.

From the tawny pigmentation of star Matthew Rush's skin, to the quality of the overall production, to the glint off his well-deserved medal, this production is "Good as Gold" indeed.

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