♺ BrutalTops Master Jaime Session 267

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Original upload: 2015-07-10 |
Snarling aggressive top Jaime continues to humiliate and mistreat pathetic sub colin.

Ordering the sub to strip off all his clothes, Jaime rams his rock-hard cock deep into the worthless mouth of the runty little faggot and pumps his hips hard. The snivelling sub is powerless to prevent the top from turning him around, thrusting his head into the urinal and poking his impressive dick deep up his tight arsehole. The sub groans loudly as the Master rams home his long, fat cock and continues to hurl abuse at the defenceless worm.

The Master orders the runt to get down on all fours and proceeds to fuck the living daylights out of him before flipping him on his back to push his entire weight onto the prostrate young fag's spindly body. Eventually, the Top can hold back no longer and shoots thick spunky jizz all over the embarrassed face of colin who does nothing but take the load!
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