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MBZ - Elder Holland - The Endowment

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Description - Until a few weeks ago, Elder Holland had never met President Oaks. The handsome man is part of The Order’s inner sanctum.
That all changed when Elder Holland and the young Elder Oaks were caught fooling around by another priesthood leader, President Nelson.
While Elder Oaks avoided punishment, Elder Holland was summoned to the Temple and had his ass spanked raw by the stone faced President Nelson.
Elder Holland was furious that he alone took the heat when the two boys were caught. It was obvious that his companion had escaped punishment because he was President Oaks’ son.
Thinking about the punishment he received at the hands of President Nelson and President Oaks gave him a raging hard-on.
But his nagging erection did nothing to deter him from seeking revenge.
Elder Holland wasted no time getting revenge on Elder Oaks when he and his companion were reunited. While his companion was asleep, Holland snuck over to his bed and pinned him down.
Though Elder Oaks struggled, Elder Holland stuffed his cock down his companion’s throat. After that he fucked his companion’s ass just as forcefully.
When Oaks ratted Holland out to his father, the President summoned Holland to his office for punishment.
Holland had always liked girls, and had certainly never imagined he’d have a man’s cock in his ass. But President Oaks had a point to make and he did not go easy on the boy in making it. Holland can still feel the man’s powerful hands gripping his shoulder as he pressed his body against his desk and filled his hole completely.
Holland had no choice but to take it. And yet, with each thrust and groan from Oaks, lust and desire coursed through the young man’s body.
And now Holland has been summoned yet again. When he arrives at the Temple, President Oaks is there to greet him. The usually confident boy blushes furiously, unable to stop imagining the salt and pepper haired man’s hot cum covering his chest.
They enter a room with a thin white curtain. “Today is a very special day,” the President says. “You have proven that you can learn to obey me, but, can you learn to submit your flesh to a stranger?”
Holland is confused. The President tells Holland to step forward. His deep voice echoes through the empty room. “I present Elder Holland to the veil.”
From behind the veil a set of hands appear. They yank Holland forward and begin to rub his back. One hand slides even farther down and into his sacred underwear, cupping the mounds of his ass. Holland is spun around and the hand goes under the elastic again and softly strokes his stiffening shaft.
“Remove your clothes,” a gruff voice commands. Holland does as he’s told and gets on his knees.
Through the veil a gigantic cock appears. Holland is intimidated, especially with President Oaks watching. He begins to stroke the cock, his eyes on the ground.
“You can look at it.” The President says.
The stranger’s moans encourage Holland and he looks up, watching the shaft thicken and lengthen in his hand.
“Why don’t you put your mouth on it?” The President commands.
Holland slowly presses his tongue against the tip. He tastes the bitter sweet tang of precum. The feeling of this dick pulsing in his mouth causes the young man’s balls to tighten and throb.
“Make it wetter, put it all the way to the back of your throat,” He feels the President’s hand pressing against his neck.
He opens his throat, the massive dick slides all the way down. He is breathless and starts to gag, but he wants to please the President and the man who is so clearly enjoying himself. He continues to suck as the President goads him on. He wants to do a good job, and, to his surprise, he can’t wait to feel the stranger’s cum shoot across his face.
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