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Dreamboybondage - Private Dancer

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DescriptionPart 1: Fawn is a high-priced dancer at bachelorette parties. "I don't do nudes, and I don't do gay," he says when we approach him. He changes his tune when we offer him $2,000 to pose in his dancing gear, a sleeveless muscle shirt and bikini briefs. The twist: He flexes and strains against some chains and a yoke to show off his muscles. "It's harmless acting," Fawn thinks as the shoot starts. But then the chain around his neck starts to tighten... Next week: Fawn fights, but he's no match for steel and pain.
Part 2: Our 22-year-old stripper knows he's in trouble when the stool he is standing on is yanked out from under him. His toes barely touch the floor and the cuffs around his wrists dig in deep. He can't believe it when the whip hits his abs so hard it knocks the wind out of him. He screams in pain but refuses to beg for mercy. "Is that all you got!" he screams defiantly, as the whip blows intensify. Next week: Even harder whipping. Will he break?
Part 3: Fawn's tormentor beats the boy's stretched body mercilessly, first with the crop, then the flogger. No matter how Fawn squirms, the whip finds its target: his ass, his nipples, his abs. "Beg, boy, and it will stop," taunts the man with the whip. "Fuck you!" Fawn yells. "Fuck you!" Next week: He takes even more.
Part 4: Fawn still has lots of fight in him as his tormentor whips him harder and harder, then leaves him hanging by his wrists for hours until cutting him down. Sprawled on the floor, limp with agony, Fawn still resists as the whip cuts into him again and again. Finally he curls up in a fetal position, resigned to the fact that the body he had worked so hard to perfect is no longer his own.
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