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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-05-01 |
length: 120 minutes
release date : 2005
actors : Julian Benet, Brock Wilder, Adrian Komar, Daniel Dvorak, Martin Nowotny, Martin Hoffman, Chad Driver, Michael Rocman, Sebastian Stone

Two steamy hours in the sauna with nine horny sporty boys, who can't keep their hands off each others cocks. Plus a blond bodybuilder who licks up his own cum. Description: The opening is very horny, five tanned, toned, young guys, big bodies, big dicks, showering together. The other guys leave and we get a solo from the coverboy, cute-as-fuck, great smooth body, rippling six pack, and generally gorgeous. I'm loving the dark Slavic looking one in the next scene, bronzed hairless body, washboard abs, big dick, and a certain indefinable sexiness (get me). He's in the bath moaning about his lack of a recent orgasm. But his mate comes to the rescue, floppy blond curtains, another perfect athletic, hairless and tanned body, and puppy-dog good looks. They get rumbled by the guy in the next bath, another smooth firm young guy with model good looks. Cue dirty three way. Next up a blond bodybuilder, early twenties, perfectly smooth body, really spectacular, fucks the masseur, a slightly older Italian guy (helpful tattoo of the Italian flag above his bum). Bodybuilder shoots on to the Italian, then licks up his own cum. There's also two twinks fucking in the steam room, and the coverboy getting fucked by the Italian masseur, but I'll skip those an move on to my fave scene. It's a threeway between a smooth pale skinned nineteen year old, dark hair, really masculine, trimmed pubes, he's in the Jacuzzi with his friend, utterly gorgeous, tanned toned and smooth body, studenty hair cut and puppy dog eyes. And a nice big dick. They leave the Jacuzzi and get joined by a slightly older guy, really big balls too, who they take turns to fuck. You see Puppy-dog actually put the condom on, which is really sexy, and in the same shot shove his hard dick in, not leaving much time at all before he's pumping full pelt. And to end we have the blond junior bodybuilder, smooth and statuesque, getting a very enthusiastic blow job from a young twink, before the bodybuilder ploughs the twink's hairy little crack

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