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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-10-26 |
Brocky Brown - Chris Stone vs. Max Summers - Enrico Belaggio

First foursome wrestling in the history of Wrestlehard.com! Video starts in the new prison ring with muscleman prisoner Enrico and superhot giant bodybuilder Max doing their exercises. Chris "Lord of Pain" Stone appears with Body-building competitor Brocky and the Titans start to wrestle. The other guys stop their training and watch the wrestlers. They are trying make them upset by yelling "losers" at them and calling them "untalented little girls and ridiculous primadonnas".

This is way too much for the super-agressive Chris. He then tears of his shirt and goes to the other guys and challenges them for a foursome wrestling session.

First, all guys wrestle in speedos- Brocky and Chris against Max and Enrico. Finally our "Lord of Pain" finds his equal opponent in the much bigger and heavier Max. Both have very good fighting skills. Max is bigger but Chris is more agressive and crazier than anyone else. He puts Max in a hold where he almost cries.

Next is a full-nelson contest where we can see which team has the stronger hold. American style wrestling follows this is when tag-team wrestling begins. A pair of wrestlers go at it and then tag their partners when they get a chance. Everyone wrestle with everyone. Sometimes the action is very unfair because the weight difference between the two bigger and the two smaller guys are 40-60 lbs.

Finally Chris knocks out Max and he and Brocky grabs Enrico. They tie him up to the prison bars and gutpunch him mercilessly while they laugh on Enricco's suffering. As Max wakes up he attacks the two guys and in a very dirty 2-on-1 naked action but the combines strength of Chris and Brocky proves too much for Max and they put into a humiliating ball torture and then beat up Enrico after he escapes from being tied up.

The losers have to suck the two victorious guys in variuos positions and a very intense and sexy orgy fuck begins with these musclebound guys. The winners cum while face-sitting on the losers and Max and Enrico have no choice but to lick the ones who beat them feeling like real prison bitches !!! THERE IS NO ESCAPING THE HOTNESS OF THIS PRISON WRESTLING !!
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