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BG East Wrestling - Cole Cassidy vs Powergunz

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Going for the Big Gunz

Demolishing an inexperienced rookie is one thing, taking on a bigger, stronger, hairy veteran muscle hunk, is a very different matter. But Cole is nothing if not ballsy. He?s determined to firmly establish himself in the top tier of BGE talent and what better way to do it than with a victory over one of its biggest stud-stars. Of course, Power doesn?t quite see it the same way. To the big Gunz, Cole is a mouthy wannabe out to establish a rep at his expense. Not this time and not this MAN, little boy! And Gunz takes no nonsense from the challenger, easily tossing the smaller man around the ring and trapping him in his effective and debilitating bearhug. Usually one application is enough to make an opponent either submit or pass out from lack of air reaching his lungs. Cole does not want to be just another notch in Powergunz bearhug belt and mightily resists the demanding and powerful urge to surrender. But the big Gunz will not be denied. It takes 10(!) bearhug applications with Cole nearly unconscious from the punishment before he finally submits. Bent across Power?s knee, Cole is finished off with a ripping crotch claw. To press his point, Gunz pins and poses over the barely-stirring Cassidy. Effectively jobbed out for the entire fall was not quite the auspicious opening cocky Cole had in mind! Grovelling at the big man?s feet and then face-smothered in his crotch, Cole is an easy mark for the Gunz patented KO sleeper headlock-from-hell. Cole out cold. Looks like the big man is headed for an easy victory, until he goes for another headlock and Cole?s hand reaches up under Power?s ass, between his big legs and clamps onto his man-sack?

�You ready for the beating of your life, punk?�, Cole threatens the humpy, muscled newcomer in the locker room. When the tattooed stud wins a test of strength one wonders if Cole spoke too soon. Cole-man starts racking up a string of nastily creative submissions, his threat becomes a promise fulfilled. Not content with his submissions, Cole doubles Derek in half, sits on his face does a butt-slapping 10 count. Derek has a massively prominent bulge in his sexy white trunks. And he�s no jobber boy, as Cole learns the hard way! Derek wins a headlock challenge and traps Cole over his knee in a crotch-twisting, gut-punching back breaker. And reaching for the corner turnbuckle offers no respite from the rookie�s attack. Derek tramples Cole underfoot, repeatedly jumping onto his midsection, standing dominant on top of the downed Cassidy�s gut, check and throat. When he finally does make it to his feet, he�s trapped in the corner with Derek standing above him balanced on the middle ropes grinding his big crotch in the tough guy�s face! And when Derek clamps on a crunching neck crank and leg spread combo, it�s Cole who�s crying out in submission. When Cole tries to resume control by yanking on Derek�s nipple rings, he finds himself trapped in Derek�s tight bodyscissors. But what�s worse, it gets worse! Derek traps Cole�s arm, snakes his legs up around his head and traps the budding heel in a triangle sleeper, flips him onto his back and bears his full butt and body weight down on the budding heel. Wisely, Cole quickly submits. No, things are definitely not going the way Cole had planned. Suddenly all his forward BG momentum was being imperiled by a humiliating defeat at the hands of a sexy and surprisingly tough newbie�
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