Johnny Bravo's Ultimate Squash Match

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DescriptionHuge bodybuilder Johnny Bravo in a Thunder's Arena rematch against playgirl model Zman. If you thought the first match between these two was a hot "big vs little" squash job, you haven't seen anything yet! This rematch sees Bravo at perhaps his most dominant and aggressive ever, as the muscle mammoth absolutely destroys Zman for 35 minutes straight. Bravo is arguably at his biggest and hottest in this match too, as he comes close to tipping the scales at a jaw dropping 300lbs with hardly an ounce of fat!  Bravo really makes Zman his plaything, putting him in hold after hold and trash talking and showing off his amazing power the whole entire match. Bearhugs, camel clutches, dragon sleepers, headlocks, armbars, crabs, leglocks, racks, backbreakers, nelsons,  ab name the submission hold and there's a good chance Zman suffers it here at the hands of Bravo. The 3 or 4 bearhugs are particularly hot!

What has to be the most hot about this match though is how Bravo turns the holds and moves into showcases for his huge muscles, often flexing and checking himself out while he has a screaming Zman locked in a submission! You won't believe just how huge some of his muscles look while he's putting Zman through the various holds and power moves. Truly a sight to see for muscle lovers! Bravo really seems to be enjoying every second of this too, as evidenced by his sadistic grins and the big bulge he sports in his tight skimpy trunks all through the match. The man is simply huge all over! Zman submits over and over in this match, and after a series of powerful body slams Bravo gets Zman in one final hold that has the big man proclaiming himself as "forever the King of Thunders Arena" while he parades his victim around. After this awesome display of alpha male superiority, how could anyone disagree with him? A must see for muscle and wrestling squash job fans!
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