LoadXXX - UK Council Lads 4 (black borders removed)

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UK Council Lads 4 (black borders removed)


Duration: 1:37:35

368 x 640 mp4

Aaron Aurora
Charlie Snake
Josh Parker
Lex Blond
Shaun Mann
Skye Romeo
Tommy Curtis
Zac Starr

1. Lex Blond, Shaun Mann
It's a bit chilly though, so they head indoors to make their own fun. Lex and Shaun go to Lex's grubby council flat to grab some fags and get ready for a night out, but once inside the two chavs turn on each other - and not in a bad way. They lock lips and while tongues probe, hands wander over smooth chests and into trackkie bottoms. Shaun is the first to drop to his knees to blow his blonde mate's hard cock and it doesn't take Lex long to return the favour, wanking Shaun's dick with his mouth. He turns his attention to Shaun's peachy butt and kisses and licks his brown blow hole before Lex bends over the kitchen work-top and gives up his own arse for a heady fuck. Moving to the floor, Lex rides Shaun's pole deep and hard until both lads are ready to blow a wad of cream.

2. Charlie Snake, Tommy Curtis
Charlie and Tommy are also getting ready for a night out on the town, but the prospect of a long hard fuck turns out to be more appealing, Tommy gets straight to work on Charlie's hard little nipples. With the heat rising, Charlie kisses Tommy and gives him a little nipple caressing whilst his hand slips under Tommy's tracksuit bottoms. Cocks are soon standing to attention, aching to be sucked and blown. The scallies waste no more time on tender foreplay, as it's a good smoking they both need. Little Charlie gets his hole tongue fucked by his lover, greasing it up to receive his thick cock. Energetic and vocal, the lads grind into each other until a spunk eruption leaves them spent.

3. Josh Parker, Zac Starr
Out of work Scousers Josh and Zac are hanging in the park, until they head to Zac's flat to play Xbox. It's not the control's joystick that Josh is interested in though - he wants to smoke Zac's meaty stick. Josh knows all the right buttons to push and Zac is soon returning the favour, wrapping his hand and mouth around his pal's cock and igniting the fire button. Propped up on all fours, Josh's hole is spit-lubed before Zac eases his thick shaft balls deep into his love tube. He batters Josh's butt before dropping a splurge of cream on his belly.

4. Aaron Aurora, Skye Romeo
As council flats go, Sky's bedsit is quite upmarket. Whilst he and Aaron lounge on the bed, smoking and shooting the shit, Sky leans over and kisses Aaron full on the mouth. Aaron responds with a probing tongue and wandering hands. Stopping the foreplay to take a piss, Aaron unloads his bladder before sitting on the bog to suck his pal's cock. Sky returns the favour, licking any drops off piss off his knob before putting him on all fours and slamming his dick up Aaron's tight little arse.
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