Brawny Body Market - Indoctrinated Butterfly

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DescriptionEpisode 1
Ordinary Gay couples enjoy in the city. "Delicious soft-serve ice cream!"
Two people who love each other. When returning to the room ... handcuffs to the rotor, medicine is ... their relationship to sudden change.
"Thank you also today my master." Ah dangerous, head goes goes wrong ... last runaway piss ....
Episode 2
It is refreshing former athlete Lehman trading partners .... Grate that was placed in the room. Something is not right.
"Will able to those who contract today ...?" "I'm of course to have liked Nakata things. Drinking at the time being tea ...."
... Wake up and ... hot body eyes, thirsty, the ass is aching ... it appeared in there ... !?
Episode 3
Former professional athletes heart had sick raped by a man.
Man that "I ... as long as you have that man" receive many times the counseling.
"Because I'll be all right, teacher somehow." The man chased by car to someone in the middle of the night.
!! In meat stick remains taking not been played with the Dick hamstrung torn ... clothes in the basement dungeon connected both hands in the chain of man ass if notice
Episode 4
Brainwashed slaves darkness rigid market was held !! is there hungry brainwashed erect man !!
And is brainwashing bulk slaves of the most mad in the strongest of Gatai appeared!
Torture has been Butt. Professional players continue to be routed to all thrown in there.
No longer think of anything ... even longer pleasure ...
One after the other slaves !! best darkness fuck show to continue to ejaculation in the Butt begins !!
If leaching happy to get used ...
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