Baiting the Straight Guy--Sean Steele and Michael Vista

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DescriptionA friend of Sean Steele's family, the ever-able Michael Vista ostensibly does some home repairs while bald goateed Sean's wife is out getting "Happy McBurger" with the kids. Michael offers to make dinner, noting how good he is in the kitchen and, wait for it, "in the bedroom." Sean wants to know what Michael does in bed to make his men so happy, and finally Sean agrees to play along. "Okay, just no kissing," he says. "Yeah, right!" Michael says, planting a long wet one on Sean. Sean is a damn good kisser, too. Michael works on Sean's nipples to much happy cooking and then rattles off a Vista Special on Sean's lucky cock. That would be a superb deep-throat blowjob with not a second wasted in something mundane like breathing. His backless throat accommodates all of Sean's large very hard cock. Sean then rims the heck out of Michael's delectable ass, loudly lip smacking around the hole. It's an assault the way Michael's blowjob was. Sean fucks Michael, saying, "Oh, this is so much tighter than my wife!" With the ease in which Michael lets him in, Sean's wife must have a 14-inch twat. This is as smooth as a fuck comes, with Sean effortlessly gliding in as if Michael's ass was made of polished glass. This allows Sean the ability to slam away at Michael with forceful abandon, plowing him as ungently as possible. Michael sits to ride and does so with Sean thrusting up at him a mile a minute. Michael rides and rides, with Sean smiling as wide as humanly possible, the guys so in tune sexually. Michael cums with Sean still in and then climbs off and under Sean to get a blast in the face from Sean.
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