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DescriptionArturo Ramirez,  Blue Vainer,  Boy Dickson,  Brumby Jack,  Dingo McGee,  Geoffrey Cox,  Hogan Maloney,  Josh Sherwood,  Sean Davis

1. Blue Vainer, Hogan Maloney
Way out in the Australian outback, studly Hogan Malony and Blue Vainer pull over their Jeep for to suck the cum out of each other's cocks. Blue then proceeds to fuck Hogan right on the hood of the car, provoking another round of cumshots. Later, Blue continues fucking Hogan on top of a bolder, (with kangaroo skins as their only insulation), until both hunks blow yet another load of hot cum.

2.  Josh Sherwood, Sean Davis (au), Arturo Ramirez
Gorgeous, blond Josh Sherwood receives company on the cattle station is the form of major hunks Foot-Long Sean (Sean Davis) and latino hotcake Arturo Ramirez. In the shake of a lambs tail.all three men have their boners out, and the suck fest begins, as Josh takes both men deep inside his mouth at the same time. Then, Foot-Long Sean uses his enormous man-pole to fuck the hell out of Josh, while Josh keeps his mouth full of Arturo┬┤s uncut slab of meat. With so much fucking all over the station, Josh ends up getting splattered with hot spunk by each of his guests four times before the scene ends.

3. Boy Dickson, Brumby Jack, Dingo McGee
Manly hunks Boy Dickson, Brumby Jack, and Dingo McGee go out riding on horseback until their dicks get hard get too hard to keep them in their pants. The three men then go skinny-dipping at the waterhole, and wet their willies bt sucking each others dick, releasing the first round of cum shots. Then Brumby and Dingo take turns fucking Boy's ass until each cock has been unloaded several times.

4.  Blue Vainer, Geoffrey Cox, Sean Davis (au)
Foot-Long Sean (Sean Davis) teams up with blond hunk Geoffrey Cox for an outback blow job. Geoffrey has Sean's huge dick deep in his throat when Blue Vainer unexpectedly shows up. However, since Sean's sausage is big enough for two to suck on, three is not a crowd. After the men have sucked the cum from one another, Sean and Blue take turns Geofrey's ass, causing each man to blow his wad two more times each before the scene has drawn to a close.

Even though it could be considered "vintage" (1991)  this video was filmed with the best equipment at the time and is filled with beautiful men in hot action.

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