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Tough Guys

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Tough Guys: Gettin' Off
"Red-headed cutie Blu Kennedy gets bored and horny at work and decides to jack off in the bathroom during his lunch break. He pulls out his thick, juicy cock, lubes it with spit and settles into a good stroking rhythm when his hard-bodied, older boss, Mike Grant, walks in. Mike likes what he sees but plays his cards close, not wanting to scare his young employee with any sudden moves. He leans and watches Blu, and as the tension mounts, starts rubbing his own stiffening dick through his dress pants. The two grin lustfully at each other, then the boss pulls out his thick cock and wraps his fist around BluÂ’s massive member. Mike orders the clerk to give him a show and Blu obliges, stroking his fat pole from the thick base to its big knob.

Now naked, Mike swallows BluÂ’s throbbing member while his own stiff pole stands ramrod straight at attention. Blu swallows MikeÂ’s prick, gagging on and spit polishing the big shaft and head. Mike pulls BluÂ’s smooth round ass cheeks apart and plants his handsome face firmly in his crack, then fingers the inviting fuckhole until itÂ’s practically begging for his cock. Mike shoves his pole deep past BluÂ’s sphincter, stroking into him with long, slow strokes before slam fucking him like a bull and nearly cracking BluÂ’s ass in two; he pulls out and shoots a sticky load of jizz all over BluÂ’s tight body, and Blu jerks off and blows a massive wad all over MikeÂ’s chiseled chest.

Rugged Trent Cougar is questioning dark and handsome Michael Soldier in a police station. Michael intends to suck his way of jail and pulls TrentÂ’s meaty cock through the zipper, fondles it, rubs it, smells it and slowly swallows it to the balls, slobbering on the hot cop cock.

Trent strips to reveal his tight, smooth, massive chest, broad shoulders and erect nipples, which Michael pulls and twists, bringing out TrentÂ’s loud moans of pleasure. Michael takes this as his cue that heÂ’s on the right track, and turns up the heat, stripping down to show off his dark, hairy torso as Trent furiously face fucks him. Trent takes MichaelÂ’s hard cock down his throat while Michael squirms.

Michael lies on a table, his muscular butt hanging over the edge and revealing his furry bullÂ’s eye to Trent, who finger fucks, spit-lubes and mounts him like a stallion, sliding in with long deep strokes. Trent orders Michael to pop his load and Michael willingly complies, jerking a stream of spunk onto his lean six-pack. Trent pulls out of MichaelÂ’s vice grip of an ass and shoots a torrent of cum all over MichaelÂ’s sweaty body.

After catching him going through his belongings, tattooed and tough Rhet Hengst wrestles his handsome sexy landlord Dean Santiago to the floor and strips him naked revealing DeanÂ’s smooth, hard body. Rhet pins DeanÂ’s head against the couch and throat fucks him as Dean eagerly swallows every one of RhetÂ’s vicious thrusts.

Rhet gets Dean down on the shag carpet, holds his legs apart and hungrily eats his tight man hole. Now covered in sweat, Rhet turns Dean on his stomach, exposes his delicious, round, muscular ass and drives his fuck pole deep into DeanÂ’s guts, enjoying the amazing feel of DeanÂ’s tight buttclamp. Rhet stands him up, bends him over and plows even deeper into his fuck chute, making Dean moan and shout as Rhet excavates his ass until Dean sprays his load onto his tight torso. Rhet strokes his dick while Dean pinches, pulls, chews and bites his nips until Rhet blasts a load of hot jizz all over Dean.

Handsomely hairy Tom Lazzari invites a bunch of mechanics over to his garage for a suckfest, finding Sam Dixon kneeling patiently on the floor. Fyerfli shows up first, promptly pulls his big dick out of his pants and swings it around in front of Sam, who quickly swallows it. Danny Hunter shows up next with more stiff dick to share; Sam really has both hands full now as he strokes and swallows their two hard cocks. Nick Piston and Dillon Press join the party and the gang starts stroking each otherÂ’s boners while Sam goes from cock to cock, stuffing his handsome face with the guysÂ’ stiff pricks.

Marco Paris arrives and quickly drops his trousers, whipping out a mouthful of cock for Sam to suck down. Finally, super-hot muscle stud Arpad Miklos joins the gang, pulls out his big uncut pole and starts stroking with his buddies, all of ‘em grunting, groaning and stroking each other while Sam and Tom feverishly suck on their mouth-watering cocks. One by one, they all dump their loads, coating Sam’s and Tom’s faces with their splattering hot cum."
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