♺ Latino Fan Club - Thugxploitation (2008)

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Latino Fan Club - Thugxploitation (Real Urban Men, Rob Greco - 2008)

2008, 90 min

Country:  US

Studio:  Latino Fan Club, Real Urban Men

Cast:  Jizz, Afrikan Prince, Loco, Goliath, Juelz, Junior, Paris, Peanut, Remy Mars, Swift

Director:  Rob Greco

Screenwriter:  Rob Greco

Producer:  Rob Greco

Videographer:  Brian Brennan

From the press notes, courtesy of Real Urban Men:
"After back-to-back Best Ethnic Film nominations at both the 2007 and 2008 GayVN Awards, and with chart-topping hits like Real Urban Stories and Queens Plaza Pickup, this satire of the '70s blaxploitaiton films - but with a lot more flesh - is going to have you sizzling.

We all remember and love that group of '70s B-movies with an all-black cast that the phrase "blaxploitation" (blak'sploi-ta'sh?n) was invented to describe it. Director Rob Greco of Real Urban Men takes a look at the making of these classics and gives you Thugxploitation (Thug'sploi-ta'sh?n). Real Urban Men captures all the fun and technical errors of these unforgettable classics and leaves out two of elements - women and clothing. The focus is always on the non-stop hardcore sex between the hottest black men in New York City, but goes one step further with an original storyline you'll love to watch.

The movie opens with Loco waiting patiently on the set of an imaginary studio for the shooting to start. Swift is lost in the studio and asks for Loco's assistance. When Loco realizes Swift is actually his co-star, he suggests to his naïve young partner that they start rehearsals right away. Swift admits he is nervous and has never done porn before so he is willing to do whatever his newfound mentor asks.

Loco's first suggestion is "Forget the script and suck my dick." Loco drops his jeans and lays back to show Swift the reason he's a porn star. Loco's huge uncut cock quickly grows inside Swift's hot mouth and soon Swift is slurping up long thick cock that looks more like a pool cue than a dick. Loco loves getting his knob polished but nothing beats a piece of tight virgin ass. He bends Swift over a table and plunges that pool-cue prick deep inside his little butthole. Loco is sure to show him a few new positions to fuck in for his movie debut before Swift starts to ride his cock and busts his creamy white nut on Loco's chest. Loco then bends the new-jack over the table again and squirts his juice on Swift's ass cheeks, covering them with hot cum.

The second scene stars Paris. On his way to the studio, he is recognized by a waiting fan outside the stage doors. The fan, Junior, is so loud that Paris brings him inside to shut him up. After an elevator ride to his dressing room Paris has a plan to give his excited fan something to remember.

When Junior asks for a DVD or an autograph, Paris decides to give him the real thing as he unzips his pants and gives Junior a taste of what he was looking for. Junior sucks the porn star's thick cock with scorching enthusiasm as he tries his best to please his idol. Paris, who loves nothing more than tight holes to stick his throbbing cock into, has Junior position himself on his dressing table doggie-style. To Junior's surprise, before Paris sticks his dick up his ass, he sticks his tongue up there first. He opens Junior's hole with his hot tongue and then loosens it up with first one then two fingers. Once Junior is ready, Paris does what he does best and fucks his fan in his powerful, take charge style. Both cum shots are huge.

Porn sensation, Afrikan Prince joins Peanut in the next scene as film editors. When they are given what appears to be the impossible job of making ten movies out of six scenes, Peanut just explains that if you change the DVD cover and mix up the scenes no one will ever notice. Afrikan Prince thinks it would be a much better idea to make new scenes instead of using the same old tired ones over and over again and Peanut agrees. With a studio set just a few feet away Peanut brings the muscle bound Afrikan Prince on a tour of the set to show him how to film a scene. Afrikan Prince wants to experience this first hand and soon the two do their own scene!

No one ever turns down a chance to suck off the muscle bound porn star and quickly Peanut has Afrikan Prince's cock deep down this hot throat. Afrikan Prince loves a hot mouth, but a hot ass is what he is looking for. He pounds Peanut's tight black ass until he is about to cum and then stands next to his partner before he shoots. Afrikan Prince dumps his thick hot while load inside Peanut's hungry mouth. Peanut swallows every drop, but that still isn't enough. He keeps sucking Afrikan Prince's dick till he swallows every drop and then busts his own nut on his stomach in an amazingly hot cumhot.

Cover model Jizz is memorizing the most ridiculous lines you have ever heard. Juelz comes in to rub some baby oil on the star before the shoot and listen to Jizz run his lines. When asked "Do white dudes really like this shit?" Juelz shows him just how much and sticks his tongue down his throat. This interracial scene is a first for Real Urban Men and shows you just how much white boys love the taste of these black beauties cocks. They both suck, rim and fuck each other in every position a porn star can think of till both explode with huge loads flying everywhere. Juelz quietly announces at the end of the scene that he is also the fluffer.

Lastly, Remy Mars is waiting for a model to apply for a job in a new film. When Goliath knocks on the door Remy decides to make sure this is a complete interview. He asks the 6'4" 210 lbs. of stud a few questions and then brings him to the backroom for the real interview. He has the giant man with the giant cock completely strip and shoves his huge cock into his mouth. Goliath lives up to his name as his cock just keeps growing and growing. When it comes time to fuck, you might wonder how little Remy is going to fit that huge cock inside him, but fit it in he does. The fucking is awesome and the cumshots huge."

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