♺ Bacchus - Doing My Neighbor's Father (avi)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-01-03 |

Doing My Neighbor's Father
Year Produced 2008
Starring: Jesse Bryce, Zidane Tribal, Jake Starr, James Doom, The Rock, Jason Sparks, Mason Winters
Ratings Description
Condoms Used: yes
Director: Uncredited
Length: 104 minutes
Studio: Bacchus Releasing

Four daddy and boy fucks made hotter by little lead-in stories.

Through a bedroom window, a skinny twink spies on and surprises a built, crop-cut, handsome adult beating-off, then absolutely astonishes him by bending-down on the bed and swallowing Adult's long dick whole, then snacking on his balls. Adult digs it. Skinny's clothes disappear, and Adult spits into Twink's astonishingly furry ass, which he then fills with ready-to-ram cock and makes ripple, rippe, ripple. Skinny screams, but Adult just keeps corking and says, "Open up, boy." Skinny's cries draw an unidentified lanky youth who is ordered to twiddle Adult's tits. Skinny gets his face cummed, then cums while sucking Adult's tit.

In a modern kitchen, a grown-up deplores a twink's news of a gay-bashing, and casually admits his own gayness. Twink goes right down and unbuttons Grown-Up's jeans to eat that meat. Grown-Up gorges on tit-ringed Twink's upcurved erection. It turns out that Twink is a virgin, but his hairy hole takes well to being rimmed and rammed standing up. Then, whew, Twink jacks Grown-Up's load while fucking him!

In a lounge, a tall twink loses at a slot-machine, but wins when a big, butch, furry-breasted man agrees to give him quarters in exchange for the use of Tall's "mouth-hole and south-hole," as they say in the Marines. Tall rides Big Butch's boner until even his fully-furred young crotch is sweaty. Big Butch takes pity and fucks him mercilessly. Tall yelps, "It hurts so good!" and then "I'm cumming!" He takes Big Butch's gusher onto his studded tongue.

Grown-Up moves into a new house with a banged blond youth to help him carry a box of "toys." Blond learns to play with throat, cock, and anus. Grown-Up is careful not to crush Blond while they sixty-nine or when sitting easily down on Blond's boner and sucking it with asshole! Blond fucks like a bitch, and creams all over Grown-Up's groin.

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