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Mike - The set-up.

At 23 years old, and having served in the South African army, Mike emigrated to the UK and quickly established himself, in what is commonly regarded as one of the financial capitals of the World.

I hooked him by posing as a head-hunter, operating out of the Canary Wharf complex. Having told him, through e-mail, that secrecy is paramount if he is to win the job, I arranged to meet Mike one lunch time near his office. I then set about stringing him along, persuading him to accompany me, and another candidate, to an office where the selection process would be carried out.

With the prospect of a huge wage increase dangled in front of him, Mike was easily persuaded to go with 2 strange men to a secluded office building, without telling anyone where he was!

Mike - 1.
Learning his place.

Watch the way that Mike, thinking that it's part of some joke, plays along to begin with. He so desperately doesn't want to look a fool, he pretty much lets us get away with stripping him... like violating his body is all part of the selection process! Sucker!

After he half-jokes that he's going to get his lawyers onto us, it's well after we've got the prat totally naked and wearing vicious nipple clamps, that he finally realises that there really is no job, and Jake & I have no concern whatsoever for his comfort or dignity.

By this stage poor Mike is too tied up to be able to escape. Mouth securely filled with an unforgiving ball-gag, all he can do is spit "Fuck Orfff!" at us, in that sexily-dumb accent of his. That just makes it all the more fun for men and Jake while fingering his cute little straightboy hole, spanking his creamy round arse and handling his steadfastly flaccid hetero-cock, and hot young balls.

Mike - 2.
Forced to apologise. Systematic degredation and suffering.

Mike... naked, wrists tied behind his back, suspended from the ceiling, leg spreader strapped between ankles.

You'd think he'd have learnt by now to show some respect, but from the start he's cursing us, pulling away from me when I go in for a little grope. He particularly hates Jake, telling him to fuck off. If there's one thing I can't stand it's a foul mouth, so I whip out my evil nipple clamps to teach the cunt a lesson. Funny how the lightest touch on those things causes the most excrutiating pain.

Watch and laugh as I soon have him angrily shouting his sincere apologies. To show us his new found respect I allow him to wank our hardons through our clothes. The look of complete loathing on his face just makes my dick all the harder, particularly when he's servicing the hated Jake. Mike is utterly ashamed of himself throughout.

A firm finger fucking later and the tosser is ready to have his anal virginity properly taken from him forever by my custom made vibrating dildo on a pole. Sadly for him, his tight little straight boy hole is stretched widely and painfully, by my one-size-barely-fits-all device.

For some reason the poor lad is covered in a cold sweat after his anal work-out. If it's exercise he wants I'm happy to oblige, so let's see how he handles a calf muscle endurance test. If the pain in his legs becomes intolerable, those freshly applied nipple clamps can be quite distracting.

Mike - 3
Torture: Nasty bondage, vibrator pole, flogging, cold water, cock and ball weight torture.

Incessant screaming and moaning can sometimes become annoying for a sadist, so I get Mike well and truly gagged from the start here, knowing that a deeply humiliating session is planned for the hapless boy.

What an arse! Bent over naked, legs forced apart, his creamy athletic thighs and buttocks make an exceptionally inviting target. The little tufts of black hair leading to his hole are irresistible, so sadly for Mikey a firm rogering is soon under way. His flaccid hetero penis testament that he loathes every agonising second of this mind-blowing punishment.

His torment is multiplied as I whack his sensitive pink cheeks with a thick leather strap, at the same time as he is being porked.

His cheeks on fire, kindly old me cools him down with a supersoaker, drenching the twat with cold water. Oh dear, there appears to be a child's bucket attached to his nuts while I'm doing this, and a lot of the water drops into it. Mike gets to find out how it feels to have a weighty bucket of water swinging gaily from your cock and balls after naughty Jake gives it a little kick. He's a secret bully that one.

Mike - 4
Sexual abuse: Oiled up, finger fucked, forced to suck our cocks.

For what we plan for Mike next, we tie him across a very uncomfortable military medical bench. Mike cannot escape as Jake torments him, thrusting his smelly crotch into the hetero's face. This boy's tight hole is only used to traffic in the outward direction. It's often easy to forget how painful and gut-wrenchingly humiliating it is for straight-dopes like this, to have something hard and forceful going in the other direction, until you see Mike's reaction to it.

If you consider how filthy straight men are about their cocks and pissing, imagine how nauseating it must be for poor Mike to have to suck on my hard cock when it's forced into his gob. I'm sure all his blowing isn't for my benefit. I wonder how much longer it would be before the tormented boy actually vomits on it through his ordeal? Maybe next time eh Mike?

Stay watching to the very end if you want to see a picture of real misery and despair.

Mike - 5
Bare arse used for table-tennis practice. Oiled up, hung upside down.

One of the beauties of straight young men like Mike, is that the mere fact of being naked for a couple of pervs like me and Jake is humiliating already. Imagine then how tortured the boy must feel, to be totally exposed AND completely unable to defend himself, as I enjoy owning and playing with his privates.

After fondling him, I bind them up with 2 tight elastic bands before systematically warming up his magnificent white globes with paddles and a flogger. One toasty pair of pink cheeks later, the dude is hung upside down. I wonder if they've started missing him back at his office?!

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