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Fraternity X - FX001 to FX010

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FraternityX - FX001 - Six Load GangBang

Durée: 33:27
Taille: 304,8 Mo

When four dudes share a bedroom things can get pretty rowdy. We cracked open some beer and sparked up the bong; I invited this cocksucker Rad over. I knew he get things riled up. When he arrived, one of my room-mates, Zach, was groping the hard-on tenting in his shorts. After a swig of beer, this cock pig was throat fucking my buddy’s dick. With three cams going, we filmed the whole thing. Zach boned this dude from behind while I fucked his face with my long, thick cock. The other frat guys started blowing each other and took turns tooling this butt boy. By the time the fourth guy took his turn, this knob gobbler was whimpering like a bitch. But he had one more cock to service with his well-fucked hole. When he couldn't take another inch of cock, he sat down on the floor and we squirted our creamy loads into his hungry mouth. We were drunk and our aim wasn’t great, so his face ended up covered in spunk. He'll be back for more and we'll have his ass any time!

FraternityX - FX002 - The After Party

Durée: 24:40
Taile: 294,8 Mo

I woke up after passing out on the sofa - we had been partying the night before. I heard noises coming from one of the bedrooms, it was Dayton and Rad. I hid behind the door with my camera. They were fucking on the floor. Dayton just slid his huge cock into that butt and started pounding. He must have been pumping for about five minutes before he realized I was filming. Dayton laid back on the floor while Rad rode his cock. ‘Hold your balls up so I can see your ass’ Dayton barked. My other dorm-mates, Ayden and Zack, finally woke up and got into the action. I’m surprised all the noise didn’t wake them sooner. These two dudes fed this dick smoker their big cocks; another guy gave this stud’s ass some four-fingered attention. After everyone took their turn fucking this horny bottom, they unloaded all over his face, he really lapped it up! Covered in spunk, Rad sat back and squirted all over his smooth belly. A couple of my buddies scooped up gobs of sperm and fed it to him. When it was over, he seemed disappointed there wasn’t more cum to eat.

FraternityX - FX003 - Toke And Fuck

Durée: 35:10
Taille: 311,8 Mo

Three of my buddies and I got as stupid as we could in one of the bedrooms. I was wearing loose-fitting shorts and everyone could see me tenting my cock was in need of some attention. I'm MJ, btw with the blond mohawk and a pretty big dick. Brenden gave me a super toke and a sexy kiss. 'Now what are you going to do for me?' he asked. So we swapped blowjobs and Krys joined for a three-way suck. Brenden wanted to get fucked and it took some pushing to get inside his tight hole. He was really tight but I just punched my dick in. Out of no where Ayden shows up - drunk as hell - we threw him onto the desk and took turns fucking him. After I did all the hard work, Krys horned his way in, ordering Brenden onto the bed and boned him, so I dicked Ayden on the other bed. Then the bottoms swapped and we continued drilling. We got into duelling jerk offs with Ayden cumming first, then Brenden so typical that the bottoms shoot first! I pumped out my load all over Ayden's smooth belly; and Krys and Brenden kissed on the other bed until Krys jizzed all over himself.

FraternityX - FX004 - Voyeurs Dream

Durée: 25:32
Taille: 318,8 Mo

While one of the other fratboys was fucking his buddy, I was watching the action from behind the bedroom door. These two swapped blow-jobs, then Zach fucked the ass off this guy. I was totally surprised when this bottom crawled between my buddy's ass and laid one into him! I didn't know Zach liked a hard boning! And once he shot his load, I went in and finished off his fuck buddy. I pounded him so hard I nearly broke the bed.

FraternityX - FX005 - Britney

Durée: 28:24
Taille: 482,1 Mo

We were sitting around watching cartoons and drinking beers. Dayton and Krys were getting serviced on the couch by this hungry cocksucker, Brenden. They started boning this guy, but he couldn't take my pal's niner. They pinned him down and took turns boning his squirming ass. They were really rough with this dude, they even put a blonde wig on him and called him Britney as they porked him. As Krys blew his load all over this dude's face, Dayton sat back on the couch and squirted out a huge load.

FraternityX - FX006 - The Morning After

Durée: 25:32
Taille: 318,8 Mo

Zach and I had been out all night partying, I'm Dayton. We ended up back in the commons room with Rad, this tattooed dude we pound regularly. Zach and I really tore up this stud's ass, pounding hard and thrusting deep. Rad shot his load while Zach was boning him, then Zach squirted a huge load all over Rad. I watched them fucking like dogs until I blasted all over my chest. What a hot load!

FraternityX - FX007 - Sloppy Seconds

Durée: 18:16
Taille: 205,5 Mo

Still hazy from the night before, Conner is getting his ass fucked on the desk when I enter the dorm room with my camera. Conner moves to a comfortable chair where he gets fucked some more. Finally, this dude splatters all over Conner’s belly and leaves. As Conner relaxes in the chair, another guy comes in and does the same thing. After dumping his load, Conner jerks himself off and splooges all over the two loads already deposited on his belly. What a cum pig!

FraternityX - FX008 - Tag Team

Durée: 23:18
Taille: 371,6 Mo

Down on his knees, cocksucker Ayden services a couple of my fratboys. They got two nice, huge dicks and they swap this dude back and forth, manhandling him, holding his head, and fucking his throat hard. Zach starts working this stud’s fuck hole; then my buddies take turns fucking his ass. This butt boy is having a hard time because these are two pretty big dicks, but the guys pin him to the mattress and fuck him relentlessly. They finish off by each spraying their jizz all over this dude, one load across his belly and chest, the other all over his face.

FraternityX - FX009 - Who's The Bitch

Durée: 30:08
Taille: 368,7 Mo

One afternoon we were drinking beer in the rec-room, I grabbed my cam and told a couple other fratboys, Krys and Zach, to start making out. They rolled around the couch for a couple of minutes then ended up on the bean sack where Conner joined them. Zach lied across the bed and his two buddies went at both ends with their hard cocks. Man, did I ever get some good close-ups of those bones sliding into his ass. Zach jumps Conner and starts riding his cock and after a couple of minutes he splatters his load. To show his ass’s appreciation, Zach sucks Kry’s and Conner’s balls while they jerk off. He does one, then the other, and gets two juicy loads.

FraternityX - FX010 - The New Guy has a Big Dick

Durée: 22:26
Taille: 271,7 Mo

When a new guy, Jackson, joins our frat, we decided to throw him a little welcome party to show him how things go down at Fraternity X. Dayton and new guy, Jackson, feed their big dicks to this hungry cocksucker, Ayden. Dayton’s got a big cock, but this new guy isn’t just big, he’s thick. This poor butt boy whimpered and squirmed while my buddies boned his ass and throat. And Jackson literally fucked the cum out of this cocksucker, then he shot his thick load of spunk all over him. Dayton jumped in and sprayed his watery load all over Ayden. That’s how it’s done.

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