Corbin Fisher (CF, ACM): Chris Dicks Dane - ACM2723 (720p)

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CorbinFisher (CF, ACM): Chris Dicks Dane - ACM2723

Released: November 19, 2021

My, these two are lookers! Dane and Chris are both quite pleasant to be around, and incredibly pleasant to look at. Spoiler alert? Dane looks even hotter by the end of this one, his ripped chest completely drenched in his and Chris' loads!

So, how'd they get to the point where Dane ends up coated in cum? After lots and lots of blazing hot sex!

Funny enough, the night before we filmed this one the guys played a couple rounds of cornhole against each other. Many of you are familiar with the game, I'm sure, and many more are familiar with what "cornhole" is slang for. They each won 1 and lost 1 when playing cornhole the night before, but for the action here it's Chris who gets one up on Dane with the intense cornholing he delivers!

Indeed, Chris finds ways to work Dane over good at both ends. The foreplay, where Chris is sitting on Dane's face and reaching back to grab his head to pull his face in deeper is super hot. The 69ing is super hot. But the fucking is really where it's at, and Chris and Dane would agree! The fucking is, after all, what leads both to the explosive orgasms at the end. "You're fucking me so good you're gonna make me cum!", Dane says before precisely that happens - Dane fires off a load, followed immediately by Chris doing the same!
2021-11-21 11:44:00
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