DirtyTony - Max Cameron & Shay Michaels

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DescriptionMax Cameron loves to play soccer with the boys, but after a long day on the field his feet are killing him. Shay Michaels has just the cure for the those sore dogs. Shay lets his big man paws explore Max's feet before he starts working his palms deep into Max's arches and working the tension out. Then he starts kneading the outside edges of Max's feet, working deep into those sore tendons before he slowly lets his hands start drifting up his legs to his calves, then the thighs and right into the crotch where Shay lets his mouth take over the massage. In moments, Max has a huge bulge pulsing under his shorts, and Shay lets it loose so he can wrap his lips around it and start working his way down the shaft. Shay's throat is full of Max's meat, when Max let his shorts come off, and his hand goes right to the back of Shay's head to guide his throat down his stiff rod. Then Shay throws his shorts off to let Max get his throat massaged. Max pulls Shay in tight as he bottoms out on the thick cock before throwing his legs to take Shay's raw cock deep in his hole. Shay rails Max's hot ass balls deep while he holds Max's legs spread eagle. Shay throws Max on his knees and comes in from behind with his paws tight on Max's shoulders, driving that cock deeper with each stroke. Shay uses his thick arms to guide Max's hips to just the right angle to pound Max's prostate. Shay takes a few long strokes to let Max feel every vein on his thick cock before he starts pounding some more on Max's hot ass. Next, Max jumps to his feet and straddles Shay's tools while his stiff rod wags in the air. Shay takes Max's hips and starts driving his cock deep in Max getting right up to the edge of blowing his load. Then Max drives his ass into Shay's cock and cum filled balls, riding that cock until Max sprays his load all over, streaming down his hands before licking it up. Then he gets his throat around Shay's massive tool until Shay pulls it out and blasts a huge load into Max's waiting mouth. Max laps it all up to the last drop.

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