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Aaron Austin, Dave Russell, Hunter Scott, Josh Sterling, JT Sloan, Kevin Kramer, Kyle Brandon, Pagan Prince, Rob Boxxer, Steve Sax, Tony Piagi

The action begins as Steve and Pagan leave the ball park and head for the nearest butch gay bar. Steve bemoans the fact that his search for a new lover is going nowhere; Pagan replies that he's too busy for a lover and that probably Steve is also. Steve says that he just hasn't found the right guy. He thinks he needs a good injection of up and coming ballplayer, Josh Sterling. Pagan is skeptical and asks what is happening with Steve's latest affair. Startled, Steve remembers that he is almost late for his date. BRBR Steve arrives home just in time to greet his latest, Tony Piagi. Sex with Tony is always dynamite one explosion after another, hot and fiery and just about as good as it gets. And, after enjoying getting down with Tony thoroughly, Steve realizes that it is too perfect too professional to fill that space in his mind that's labeled 'Lover'. BRBR The next morning, Pagan drops by to invite Steve over to his house for his therapy group meeting a bonding group called Manly Men which is a combination of EST, Esslin and orgy. The whole idea triggers Steve's gag reflex until Pagan informs him that Josh is going to be there. Suddenly Steve thinks that confession may be very good for the soul. BRBR That evening at the meeting of manly men includes Dave Russell, J.T. Sloan, Kevin Kramer, guru Hunter Scott as well as Pagan, Steve, and Josh. We are quickly introduced to everyone's hangups (and everyone has them). When the medicine begins to get heavy, Steve and Josh, who have been doing some bonding of their own on the side, slip away for a little one on one. Later most of the others leave with similar plans leaving just Kevin Kramer. Knowing that a bird in the house is worth two at the bar, Pagan introduces Kevin to some deep therapy that is good for what ails you and leaves copious and wet evidence of its curative powers. BRBR Back at Steve's, t ' he two~ guys. start a fire in the fireplace, spend about thirty seconds discussing the deeper aspects of life and then proceed to build a really big fire on the sofa, the kind where you can't see the flames but you certainly feel them in your brain, your heart and your groin. The logs in the fireplace don't stand a chance of competing with the intense conflagration consuming the men until they are driven to hosing the fires down with big loads of ball juice that brings the fires under control if only for a short while. Unknown to Steve and Josh, much of their scene is witnessed by Steve's secretary, Kyle Brandon, who may like and respect his boss but who is obviously quite up and tight about Josh. BRBR Everything goes along wonderfully well until Steve, deeply smitten, decides to put his business talents to work helping Josh's career. Controlling Mr. Good Guy really can't imagine that Josh might have legitimate reasons for being pissed with Steve's interference and that it could cause a serious rift between them. As Steve sits in the bar with Pagan bemoaning Josh's 11mysterious' reactions, Pagan tries to lend a sympathetic ear but is soon distracted by the pretty butt and body of Rob Boxxer whom he pursues into a storage area in back of the bar. As Steve mopes in his beer, Pagan mops up the back room with the luscious parts of Rob. As Pagan pounds away at Rob's hungry hole the whole room seems to be jumpin' and it ain't 'swing and sway' but definitely 'rock and roll' as each gives the other his best for a full round of wet ones. BRBR A little time passes and Steve visits Josh at the ball park hoping that things will be better. What he discovers, however, is that he has been replaced by his own secretary as Josh and Kyle fill the locker room with the roars and growls of man lust out of control. The steam heat rising here isn't from the sauna or the showers but from two hot bodies with their own special brand of hot rocks working to drive each other to maximum endurance and geysers of gushing release. BRBR Steve is destroyed as he shares the bad news with Pagan who is very responsive until a wink from Kevin across the bar suggests a replay. Totally alone, Steve is totally nonplused. But only for a moment. After all, life has to go on and that's what cellular phones are for (now don't get any sick ideas??he uses it to make a call or two).
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