When in Rome

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DescriptionAlberto Ventura, Eddie Stone, Filippo Romano, Joe Foster, Leonardo Ricci, Luca Ferretti, Marco Sisto

Director Chi Chi LaRue's "When in Rome" is simply spectacular from start to finish, and is set in a 15th century Italian castle that provides the perfect backdrop for the sexy Italian men in the cast. The lead, an American, Eddie Stone, is not only gorgeous, he's a natural actor. In fact, his acting is as good as his sexual proficiency (and, believe me, he knows his way around a man).
The streets of Rome are as filled with beauty as they are fraught with peril. Eddie learns this early on as he's strolling around taking in the sights and is promptly mugged by a handsome thug who steals his backpack, leaving Eddie with nothing but the clothes that fit snugly upon his well-defined back. Lucky for Eddie, he's gorgeous, young and hunky -- and not destined to be a damsel in distress for long. Aussie Joe Foster, upon meeting Eddie in the street, wastes no time inviting him to the Italian countryside where he tells Eddie that he and his mates have secured a place to stay. Joe tells Eddie that he might as well come along because the American consulate is closed until Monday. Eddie goes for it hook, line and sinker (maybe this is his first trip abroad).
The place is a huge castle with an interior courtyard, and filled with horny Italians. As Eddie looks over the courtyard, a couple of handsome, muscular and swarthy Italian men, Alberto Ventura and Marco Sisto, stare down at him from a window above. When the camera pans away from the close-up, we can see they are wearing only sweaters, underwear and socks. Alberto, whose buff body is dusted with dark hair, and Marco, his five-o'-clock shadow outlining his craggy handsome face, make a very attractive pair as they kiss before a roaring fire. Their cocks thicken in the pouches of their briefs as they lock lips, and the romantic mood is set. Alberto trades off, tasting Marco's big uncut cock with wet sloppy kisses. Alberto's oral service of Marco's hairy body continues with rimming, more cocksucking, and sloppy wet kisses. If Marco's body were an all-day sucker, Alberto would have him finished off in about five minutes, that's how voracious he is. As for Marco, he is every bit as energetic when it comes to fucking Alberto's hole, plus his face is a mask of determination (and pleasure) as he gets down on it. The camera gets great shots of the penetration from underneath as he pounds his dick into Alberto. For their cum-shots, they line up side-by-side, and Alberto shoots as Marco dangles his dick into his mouth. Marco then pumps out a load that drenches his hairy lower belly with white stuff. They end with a final hot kiss.
Meanwhile, Eddie is still wandering around the courtyard looking lost. Cut to another room in the castle: Joe is instructing Luca Ferretti to continue the deception about the American consulate being closed over the weekend.
Back in the courtyard, Eddie has found a way to drown his troubles in a big slurp of dick. Wiry smooth Leonardo Ricci is Eddie's playmate, and Eddie gets down on his dick for some excellent cocksucking. When Eddie turns Leonardo around for a taste of his round backside, the camera zooms in for a close-up of the inviting hole. Eddie's above-the-crack tattoo seems to point the way for Leonardo's tongue as he gives Eddie the same treatment. It's impossible to look at those full sensual lips of Eddie's and not wonder what it would feel like to kiss them, or to have them slide up and down your cock. Leonardo doesn't have to imagine as Eddie takes his time doing both quite well. Eddie then bends over for doggy that switches later to missionary, and Eddie's ass is very accommodating to Leonardo's powerful thrusts. As for Eddie, he's totally into it, his dick stays rock-hard as he jerks off as Leonardo continues to fuck him. Leonardo stands and shoots a load of cum on Eddie, who's kneeling below him.
Back in the castle, Joe and Luca are making a little sex magic of their own. Joe's body is perfectly lickable, and Luca is a nice match for him. Luca gives Joe's thick cock an incredibly attentive deep-throating, and then Joe tears himself away from it so that Luca can be equally attentive to his ass. Joe's crack is shiny with spit by the time Luca is done. Joe then gives his dick to Luca while straddling a bench for a rather athletic fuck. The view from below is exquisite with Joe's hairless butt above, and Luca's below, with Luca jerking hard on his uncut cock as Joe plows him. Joe then flips Luca over and slides right back into his ass as Luca shoots his load as Joe is still inside him. When Joe pulls out and shoots his load, it's a jet of cum that shoots over Luca's body.
Poor Eddie can't catch a break. As if losing his backpack wasn't enough, he wakes from a post-fuck nap to find his clothes gone, too. He walks through the castle courtyard, naked, calling for Joe, but to no avail. Back inside the castle, he is surprised to meet his mugger, Filippo Romano, who still has his backpack. Filippo tells Eddie that it has all been a clever ruse so that he can have sex with him (talk about your heavy cruises!) and Eddie has no problems with it at all ("I luuuvvv Italy," he says). Filippo gets so into sucking Eddie's already-hard dick that he chokes on it a couple of times (and it's a real turn-on that Eddie is completely naked as Filippo hasn't removed one item of clothing, not even his knit cap). Eddie gets down on Filippo next, sucking his cock, playing with the foreskin, tonguing his balls, and teasing his asshole with his finger. Filippo gives Eddie's rosy-pink and delicious-looking asshole a head-and-beard rub that is scorching, then slides his cock into Eddie and starts to pound his ass. Filippo teases Eddie by pulling all the way out of him, then he slams back in as Eddie moans and begs for more. But the most thrilling part comes when Eddie sits on Filippo's cock and rides it hard as Filippo thrusts up into him from below. It's just so obvious that Eddie is in butt heaven, and he jerks his cock until he shoots his load all over Filippo's belly, Filippo still deep inside his ass. Filippo's cum-shot is just as impressive, erupting from the head of his dick as Eddie sits on his thighs. Then Eddie can't resist the impulse to grab Filippo's meat and squeeze the last few drops of cum out of his foreskin. They are so handsome, and their coupling so sensual, the screen burns up with their performance. A perfect end to a wonderful flick

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