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Joshua Goodman vs Gino Liotta

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DescriptionSculpting his muscles and keeping himself primped and buffed at all times is a full time occupation for Joshua Goodman. Mister Joshua (as he insists his opponents refer to him) passionately adores his own body (and bulge) every bit as much as his legions of fans do. The mirror is his best friend. There's a consistent theme to every workout, every modeling job, and every wrestling encounter which stars Mister Joshua Goodman: from his rock hard pecs to his rippled abs to his legendary pulchritudinous package, everything is big and beautiful. No one has ever seriously argued that Mr. Joshua isn't a stunning specimen. No one, that is, until personal trainer Gino Liotta showed up.

Gino is ex-military, and it shows. His fitness clients pay him good money to get in their faces and drive them hard. At 5'6" tall, he has a huge ego wrapped up in a tight, hot little package (well, his package is awfully huge, too!). His hand-to-hand combat training and the sadistic pleasure he takes in dominating a subordinate made the boys at BG East sit up and take notice when he showed up for an audition. Good isn't good enough for Gino. Working hard is never hard enough. In Gino's opinion, being satisfied is just another way to say "lazy." Gino promised to bring discipline to the rank and file of BG East.

So it's little wonder that sparks fly within seconds of Gino's arrival in the BG East gym. Joshua is doing some light reps to warm up his beautiful muscles for his next match. As usual, his body is pumped to perfection. It's not hard to believe Joshua's own assessment that he's bigger and thicker than he's ever been before. But don't try telling that to Gino. Skeptical, hands on his hips, Gino snaps at Mr. J. "Your form is not good!"

"Have you seen this body!? In case you're one of the handful of poor deprived souls on this planet who do NOT know: I am Mr. Joshua!" He smacks the cap off of Gino's head in disgust. "I don't need your help. Now go away, little man." Oh my. Like the drill sergeant he is, Gino shoves his finger in Mr. J's face and barks at him. "Discipline is what you need! DISCIPLINE!" To drive home his point, he crushes Mr. J's infamous package underfoot and drags the gasping physique star by his hair into the BGE mat room. If anyone has a shot at hammering Mr. J's supercharged ego down to size, perhaps it's a fired up little firecracker of a drill sergeant who's never met a private he can't pound into submission.

Gino goes to work pounding on Mr. J's privates. He literally picks Joshua up off the mat from behind with a nasty crotch claw before dumping him in disgust. Watching the BG East legend writhing in pain fills Gino with nothing but contempt - and perhaps desire! "Discipline!!!" Gino spits at him, stalking him around the mat. Mr. J rolls away, doing his best to stay out of reach of the sadistic trainer determined to crush his crotch into complete submission. Even though Gino is tough as nails and mean as a viper, Josh exploits his size advantage. He tosses the personal trainer face-first into the wall. Mr. J is the first to strip his opponent down to his underwear, demonstrating that Gino's balls are every bit as big as his ego. "Who do you think you're fucking with!? I'm Mr. Joshua!" He chokes Gino with his shorts, overwhelming him with brute force and injured pride. After being caught completely off guard early on, Mr. J squeezes a screaming first fall submission out of the cocky newcomer with a backbreaker and a ferocious ball claw.

Just when it looks like Gino might have bitten off more meat than he can chew, he launches a single-minded assault on Mr. J's mammoth mound like none before have ever had the guts to do. Josh has no hope of escape once his opponent has latched on to the most vulnerable and enticing asset that the BG East veteran brings with him to the mat: his jumbo-sized junk! Gino strips him, kicks him, punches and slaps his bulge until he's nearly delirious with pain. Mr. Joshua gets an up close and personal tour of his opponent's huge bulge in an agonizing face-to-crotch head scissors. When Gino adds another vicious ball claw to the combination hold, Mr. Joshua cries out the equalizing submission.

The rest of the match is, quite literally, balls to the walls. Pound for pound, Mr. Joshua has never faced an opponent with as much steel and venom drive as Gino Liotta. The BG East veteran viciously manhandles his smaller opponent. The ex-military personal trainer nearly blacks out as his back is cracked across Josh's knee and Mr. J threatens to rip his testicles off. Gino suffers for ages in a classic Mr. Joshua Goodman bearhug, pounded into the wall and eventually slammed to the mat. But Gino has a cold core of battle-hardened steel inside. He takes the best Mr. Joshua can dish out and, astonishingly, keeps clawing his way back to dominance. Mr. Joshua never saw Gino coming. This was not the match he expected to wrestle. But without a doubt, Mr. Joshua (and especially his proud and perfect package) will never forget Gino Liotta's passion for discipline. Crotch crushingly cruel!
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