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MMB - Bishop Angus, Elder Berry, Elder Titov - Exit Interview (720p, mp4)

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DescriptionElder Titov’s long ordeal is coming to an end. He was invited to join The Order, but turned it down.

Unbeknownst to anyone, and against the mission rules, he had called home to talk about what he had gone through. The brethren were hearing from the Area Authorities that his very concerned and confused parents were calling trying to understand what was actually going on.

Of course the church leadership is better at dealing with this sort of thing than just about anyone. It wasn’t difficult to reassure the boy’s parents. But as a result, Titov would need to be returned to the mission field with a new companion.

The brethren met and a recommendation was made for the boy face disciplinary action for breaking the rules. Several of the men on the council, including his mission president, objected arguing that Elder Titov had gone through enough. In the end the council recommended sending him to Bishop Angus for his exit interview.

Elder Berry’s adventures, on the other hand, were getting him exactly what he wanted. He had accepted his invitation to join The Order. He was eager to have his priesthood leaders set a date for his ordination.

When the two boys met, Titov hadn’t done much with another guy. Just some innocent games of you show me yours and I’ll show you mine.

He liked attention from other boys during his childhood. His washboard abs drew admiration from his classmates and teachers, and their interest in his body was thrilling. Of course, showing off for others lead to a few special friendships.

And then, just before his mission, he jerked off with another boy after track practice in the school locker room, and things got a little carried away. He felt horribly guilty about it and worried it might keep him from qualifying to serve a mission.

The same was not true for Elder Berry. He also had a string of special friendships in school, at church, and in scouts. He had done everything just shy of topping or bottoming with another guy. But he never felt guilty or worried about it.

Getting the guys around him out of their clothes, that was always on his mind. And just recently in his previous companionship with Elder Stewart, he took things to a new level. The two experienced the pleasure of having a prostate.

And he loved it.

So unsurprisingly, when Elder Titov asked him to stand in proxy, to get fucked by the bishop on his behalf during his exit interview, Elder Berry eagerly agreed.

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