♺ Muscle Matt #92 Christmas Switch - Using and Abusing Cal, Christmas Wish 2013

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Please read before you download this torrent! This clip has only oral-Sex and it doesn't have any anal-sex.

The Dangerous Duo...As I usually do I like to sum this up in a few short sentences before a longer description.    Because of the snow, sleet, wind and rain storm that pounded us this night tensions and aggressions where high and the obvious outlet was going to be our cock sucker and his wish this year.  Brad and Anthony laid out (literally) what was an evening of hilarious comments, holiday greetings and a winter wonderland of piss, cum, face fucking, verbal and physical domination done up Muscle Mafia style. These 2 were a lethal combination of almost 500 pounds of solid muscle.  Brad who just by standing there dominates a room and Anthony, a hot blooded Italian from the streets of New York can begin to rough you up by using his words and attitude. Both wanted to tag team “Switch” taking turns on Cal to give him not just what he wanted but exactly what they wanted too.  A win-win, everybody went home very “Merry”.

The Wish...This was Brad and AnthonyÂ’s time to shine and they did just that.  After we all collected ourselves from the nasty drive in, the night began with our traditional Champagne toast.  Brad is the host and did the honors, then both put the champagne flutes down which meant it was “wish time”. 

We kicked things off by laying Cal out in the tub, both Brad and Anthony standing over him and pissing all over him.  He was being showered in muscle pee and was loving every minute of it.  We left him there marinating in the guys piss while they went back to down more water for the next piss dump.  We checked on him from time to time to find him still laying there drenched in piss and a big smile on his face!

After the second “piss on Cal” session he showered off and changed into his cock sucking clothes; you will hear Anthony at some point ask Cal if the thought he was going to a rodeo in his shirt.  Some of the one-liners delivered that for just a second broke the intensity of this use and abuse scene.  Cal was made to switch from cock to cock, mouth on one and hand on the other, then Switch!  Eventually Brad grabs him and drags him to the sofa where he was face fucked, tagged teamed and made to say thank you and merry christmas with a cock down his throat.  After hurling comments and orders at Cal, both Brad and Anthony hurled 2 very thick full muscle loads at CalÂ’s face and the back of his throat.

CalÂ’s wish was fulfilled, so were the egos of my crew and so was our mission to make Christmas Wish 2013.
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