♺ DirtyTony - Devin Draz Does Blaine

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-08-12 |
Today Dirty Tony veteran, Devin Draz, returns to the studio to teach young fuzzy twink, Blaine, how a good bottom is supposed to take it. And boy is it going to be fun to watch. The pair start chatting about where they are from, how much they work out and what they do for fun before their animal magnetism draws their lips together like an imminently closing garage door. As they taste each others saliva, Blaine is already busy getting Devin's shirt off so the can worship his muscular torso while laying out flat on the bed. Blaine works his way down and sucks Devin's huge swollen dick, pushing his pants all the way off and really going to town with that big purple head mashing against his vocal chords. Standing Blaine up, Devin turns the tables and yanks his jeans down, swallowing his thick cut cock and massaging his hairy nuts. For a straight guy, Devin does the job right - taking the twink cock all the way down to the bush. This really get's his hard aching dick ready for some sweet rectal fucking. So Devin lays back down on the bed and Blaine climbs on top of him - plunging his hairy tight pink hole down around his throbbing member until all you see is ass hair and Devin's big balls. Hopping up and down achieving maximum penetration, Blaine can't keep himself from screaming out as his prostate is punched like a speedbag by a boxer in training. Next, Devin gets Blaine down on all fours and continues trying to poke his cock all the way through his insides to come out of his mouth. He holds him just like that and pounds away full steam ahead. Finally Devin flips Blaine onto his back and pulverizes his boy pussy while looking into his eyes. Blaine's cock unexpectedly explodes gushing hot semen all over his fuzzy treasure trail. Devin is close behind him as he quickly reaches his own climax just in time to pour cups and cups of steaming jizz into Blaine's eagerly awaiting mouth. Not content with what landed on his tongue, Blaine wipes the white stripes of Devin's love juice from his chin and sucks it from his fingers.
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