♺ Marcostudio - Paraty Affairs

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Original upload: 2011-01-23 |

An Argentinean tourist travels to Paraty, a beautiful historical city on Brazilian coast and hires a tourist guide. He doesn’t seem as much impressed with the colonial town as he is with the beautiful men he sees all around. When he’s ready to go back home a surprise awaits him.

Title: Paraty Affairs
Production Year: 2006
Producer: Marcostudio
Director: Max Julien
Running Time: 2 hours
Rocky de Oliveira, Edmundo Castro, Raul Dias,
Sidney Sampaio,Lu Haas, Jack Joy, Yago Ribeiro, Rogério Gusto, Frank Lemos,
André Stamatis, Patrick Pollito
2020-09-13 15:36:49
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