♺ Vimpex - Below The Cowls

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Seven twink-scenes in Victorian settings in religious costumes. It's hot as hell to see young monks shove their skirts up to let nice school-lads in short pants suck long, horselike cocks. The thirteen cuties are adorable, but you can't really tell who's whom, because either they've got their faces covered with monks- hoods or school caps, or else they're naked and you're not looking at their faces. They suck asshole a lot, as well, and fuck it over coffee tables. There are lots of close-ups of their big, naked, uncut cocks squeezing in and out of contorted little cornholes and making them a lot bigger.

The fucker in scene one has an especially neatly-trimmed bush. The mouth of the monk he's fucking keeps opening and closing as if it wishes it had a dick in it, too.

Two monks do it in scenes two, four, and seven. In scene two, the fucked monk keeps his robe on! In scene four, both get naked except for sandals (one of them chews gum, by the way)! In scene seven, two very pretty monks do it in front of a china cabinet. The prettier is lazy, lets himself be sucked and fucked without complaint by a beau who�s almost as lazy as he is and dicks him slowly and thoroughly. The top then uses his dick to spread his crystal-clear load all over Lazy�s bowed back.

A monk solos in scene three. The obviously-dubbed heavy breathing makes you feel Satan is watching and jacking off, too.

In scene five, the cutest older student picks up the cutest younger one on the street. In a room, he kisses, jacks, and blows his overwhelmed prey. Younger gets the sucking idea and woofs wang like a pro.

Two sly monks give a sleeping nude some wake-up mouth in scene six, then one monk fucks another who seems really to love having his holy hole expanded.
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