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Gay Wrestling X-Fights 3

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DescriptionKid Leopard vs. Deke
Deke and KL watch a video and get all hot 'n bothered. Deke challenges KL to a freestyle match and promises he's got the "moves" to defeat the X-Fights champ. Lean and lighter than KL, Deke is tough and wiry. KL plays defense and let's Deke try his best. But the eager rookie falls into one trap after another - until Deke doubles KL over and plants his ample crotch in the champ's face. No more Mr. Nice Guy and no more defense! KL goes on a tear: a crotch ripper and it's 1-0. Body scissors: 2-0. Deke gives KL a nasty wedgie. Bad move. Neck crank: 3-0. Deke charges back for more and tries to shred KL's bikini. Nuh-uh. Guillotine: 4-0. A pause for crotch humping and face-pinning. Deke erotically lulls KL and charges him again. Sorry! Headscissors: 5-0. Butt humping. Deke wants a submission. Not in this lifetime. Headlock: 6-0. A standing head scissors: 7-0. "Fuck!", Deke cries. It just gets more intense from there!       

Kid Leopard vs. Joey Smit   
Joey says he's a professional ballet dancer and experienced sex-fighter. Let's see, who else is a professional dancer? Uh huh, the lightweight X-fights champ himself, KL, jazz and flamenco specialist. "A ballet boy? Sounds like a pussy to me.", KL scoffs. Joey seductively packs his impressive package into eye-popping speedos then challenges KL to wear string t-backs and OIL! The oil frottage session gets heated. Joey knows how to use his sexiness as a weapon. He strips KL's t-back. But he's in with the champ and the thong ends up Joey's mouth! KL enjoys abusing the challenger. You'll be gasping at the amazing views of these bulging pouches and the wild action!             
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