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Original upload: 2008-02-19 00:28:11

Three out of five of the shower heads in the G.I. shower room are "totally fucked", meaning that half of the naked jarheads in the shower room have to stand there, bare-ass naked in front of their buddies and just wait for a shower that works. But though a bitchin' Marine is a happy Marine, a couple of the guys are complacent to actually double up under one lukewarm nozzle.

Mixed into this title is some wet-room footage shot in the Officer's Gym of an overseas American military base . Muscular commisioned men of all ages scrub off the sweat from a two-hour workout, soaping up their heavy officer scrotums and stalwart legs. One individual shamelessly pops a most impressive cucumber-sized woody and lets it hover in mid-air, saluting anyone who walks past his shower stall. A few dependents and locals use the facilities as well, as evidenced by the presence of a generous foreskin on anyone under 30 years of age.

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