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Colby vs Donovan

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Hot wrestling match between two muscle jocks

Sizing up the competition, Patrick asks Mitch how much he weighs. At 195lbs, Mitch has a ten pound advantage over the spunky 6'1 Patrick. It's a pretty even playing field where these two are concerned. They have similar backgrounds and very similar success rates at BG East. This match has been years in the making. Mitch's first request upon entering the BGE ranks was to meet long-time BGE star Patrick. But living at opposite corners of the country, the match-up eluded them - until a fan with deep pockets stepped up to the plate and announced he wanted the match between his two BGE favorites for his birthday! He'd even provide the gear, he said! He made an offer The Boss couldn't refuse!

It was a prescient choice regardless of how it came to pass because the electricity between both these big boys courses like lightning around the confines of the small BG East basement grotto! They slam into each other trying to score that psychologically important first win of the match. Mitch uses his extra weight and power to subdue pretty Patrick but unwisely lets his prey go before securing pin or submission. Seizing the opportunity, Patrick jumps onto his back, locking his legs tightly around Mitch?s abdomen, brings him down hard and hot and pours it on until the big man has no choice but to tap out. It's a cheap shot, perhaps, but it gets Patrick smiling and cocky and one up on big Mitch.

Back on their feet again, Patrick gives Mitch a not-so-friendly slap to the face. As the two lock horns, Patrick comes out on top with a side headlock takedown, but is soon reversed when he finds his head and arm caught in the trappings of Mitch's powerful thighs. Not a place where anyone except the most ardent masochist would like to be! "I give! I give!!!" he relents. A tough competitor and a dominating force, Mitch is also fair and even when he wants to be, as the temperature rises and the sweat begins to freely flow.

The next round has Mitch straddling Patrick, forcing his face into his crotch as he spanks Patrick's tight bubble butt. Struggling to escape Mitch's hold, Patrick only manages to make the big man more excited as he clenches his thighs and makes Patrick breathe deep into his crotch. Finally tapping out, Patrick begs again for mercy. Letting him out of the hold though could prove fatal as Patrick scrambles to pull Mitch's shorts off and then uses them to choke the superstar. With no air getting in, Mitch has no choice but to call it in and taps himself out again! "That was dirty!" he admonishes Patrick, who couldn't care less and chalks his cheap moves up to "tactics." Rising temperatures indeed!

Sweat is dripping off these two hard bodies now. Now it's Patrick's turn to do the crotch smothering, with Mitch buried between his beautiful legs! Mitch eventually taps out, but Patrick is not as magnanimous as Mitch! He squeezes his thick thighs tighter around Mitch's head, making the stud beg to be let go not twice, but three times! Calling him on his dirty moves, Mitch takes some revenge with some hard punches to Patrick's abs. In a final attempt to be fair, Mitch challenges Patrick to a bearhug contest, and allows him to go first! Their battle-bulges banging against one another, Patrick's grip is tight and Mitch is soon flailing his arms, unable to get escape and no doubt sorry for his generosity. Patrick concentrates all his might on Mitch?s lower back and ribs, which does the trick since Mitch finally throws in the towel. "I give!" he cries, before getting tossed to the mat in a pitiful pile of muscle and sweat. But it's a bearhug challenge and payback can be a bitch!
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