♺ [Island Caprice] Treasure Load

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-06-15 |
From Island Caprice, an oldie for you, Treasure Load produced in 1994.
Categories: Thai, Anal Sex, Asian Men, Solo, Uncut Cocks, Young Meat
Starring: Loi, Jo, Mon, Song, Pan, Ae, Rung
Online review: "With a great orchestral score, Hayman does it again,
with yet another Thailand adventure that is wonderfully shot with a great
emphasis on the art of making love...not just having sex. Boy and Jo met
up in a park, then get down to business in a small apartment. The shorter
of the two plays hard to get, but eventually gives in and plays bottom.
Both have nice dicks and bodies and spend a great deal of time kissing
and rubbing.
Rung, with longish hair and skinny as a toothpick, walks naked in a field,
then does a long solo in a tree.
Song wakes up in bed, humps his double pillow, showers, then heads out
to the woods to meet up with Mon. Mon, the smaller of the two, is a
surprise top, but it is Song who gives the bigger load.
Pantakes his fishing boat to a remote island, where he lays down for a
nap and dreams of Ae. Pan plays top, with Ae cumming twice, then both
washing off in the ocean. Though short on cast and scenes, the actors
nd sex more than make up for it. Another Hayman must-have."
Running time 1hr 20mins, Xvid

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