♺ Captured Devin Dixon

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Devin Dixon is writhing on the Trentons floor, bound and blinded with bondage tape. He struggles on the floor for a few minutes before Trenton comes in and starts to flog and humiliate him. Devin is completely disorientated while he feels Trentons flogging and hears his dominating voice. Then Trenton leaves him alone again to struggle on the carpet.

Hours have passed when Trenton returns to fuck with him some more. He caresses Devins face, then slowly removes the tape covering his mouth, then legs Trenton ignores him for a moment before taking off his blindfold. He grabs him by the throat and tells him to catch his breath.

More time passes and Devin is now intricately bound with black ropes. His feet are bound to a spreader with his sneakers still on. Clearly Devin is enjoying his situation, his huge cock is throbbing hard

Trenton returns to him and asks him if hes ticklish. He quickly attacks his belly, and finds out that Devin is EXTREMELY TICKLISH

His big cock bobs around while he squirms from Trentons tickling. After working his body for a while, Trenton slowly removes his sneakers, breathing them in as he takes them off. He tickles him with his socks on for a while, driving Devin completely nuts.

Then he slowly removes his socks, telling him to spread his toes He makes Devin smell his own socks before going buck wild tickling his bare feet with a brush. Even Though Trenton is much stronger than Devin he has to call in a helper to hold him while he tickles his feet because hes bucking so much.

After a long tickle torment, Trenton calms things down by sucking on Devins toes. He gets sensual and rough, fingering his hole, playing with his big balls and stroking his big un-cut cock.

Trenton really knows how to work Devins foreskin and head, making him moan under him, still bound, until hes right on the edge. Then Trenton stops and denies him to play with his big balls.

Trenton decides hell let the boy cum, so he quickly works his cock until he cums all over his stomach then licks it off Trentons fingers.

Trenton mops up whats left of the cum with Devins smelly sock and shoves it in his mouth
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