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Active Duty - Dixon & Jake

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DescriptionJake makes his comeback by breaking in our country boy Dixon who has no doubt rode a few horses in his day, but todayÂ’s horse is going to be just a bit different.

Dixon makes the journey from Hawaii to Cali to lose his virginity and I thought he and Jake would make a great pair. I spend some time admiring JakeÂ’s new fit body and Dixon says he doesnÂ’t like to share the camera for long. HeÂ’s a pistol and doesnÂ’t appear to be afraid of anything. We talk about his first scene with Gamble and Carson and how good it was and he points out that it was because he was in it. IÂ’m blown away by his confidence so I ask Jake if he thinks he can pound some of that confidence out of him today. Jake seems to think he can.

After the initial chit-chat, I turn the reins over to Kaden and leave the room. They get a little of their own banter going back and forth as they work up their cocks. Jake throws that head back in his signature style as he prepares for the mission at hand. I could look at this man all day no matter what he was doing. Dixon is checking him out, too. You can tell that Dixon is pleased with his scene partner as he checks out Jake’s fat cock. “Not bad.” is Dixon’s response when he first sees Jake haul the soft monster out. Dixon can’t take his eyes off the prize as he continues to check out Jake’s body and package. His cock is hard as a brick in no time at all.

Jake isnÂ’t here to waste time and it doesnÂ’t take long for him to suggest to Dixon to give his cock a taste. Jake wants to see what Dixon has learned so far before he teaches him something new. Dixon goes right to town on JakeÂ’s cock, working it as it grows in his mouth. He takes special care in his attention to JakeÂ’s fat cock and gives him plenty of action on the shaft and balls. He does his signature jaw popping while the big cock fills his mouth. By the time JakeÂ’s cock is standing at full attention, Dixon is coming out of his shorts, sporting his own wood. Jake is quick to grab on and stroke it for him while he sucks JakeÂ’s dick.

Dixon is like a snapping turtle and you wonder if itÂ’ll take a bolt of lightening before he letÂ’s go of JakeÂ’s big meat. HeÂ’s obviously having fun playing with such a big toy and worshipping it good. Jake is loving the attention that Dixon is giving his dick as his moans tell the story. He decides to come up on his knees to fuck DixonÂ’s throat and what a throat fucking it is. Dixon takes everything Jake can shove down his throat. Dixon mentions how he can feel that big cock stabbing his tonsils, but that doesnÂ’t scare him off. He takes a few more fast thrusting throat fucks as he jerks his own hard cock. Jake moves Dixon to the side of the bed and has him get down on his knees to worship his cock as Jake continues filling his throat with his fat dick.

They switch places and Jake takes DixonÂ’s cock in his mouth, working it with his tongue. Dixon kicks back and enjoys the returned favor as he comments on JakeÂ’s skills. Jake spits on DixonÂ’s cock to lube it up more as he keeps working it with his mouth. Dixon keeps the pace going by jerking JakeÂ’s cock for him while Jake services his. From there, a sixty-nine forms between these two with Jake on top working his cock down into DixonÂ’s throat.

After theyÂ’ve enjoyed their mutual cock-worshipping session, Jake suggests itÂ’s time to teach Dixon the next new thing and tells him to lube up his ass a little to prepare for the new mission. Dixon doesnÂ’t hesitate. He bends over and arches his back, anxiously waiting on what Jake is about to teach him. Jake decides to open him up a little bit first by shoving some fingers in his tight ass. He gives Dixon an appetizer of finger fucking his virgin ass for a bit before giving him the main course. While Jake is still fingering him, Dixon asks if thatÂ’s his dick or finger. ItÂ’s obvious this country boy as never been on the receiving end of a fat cock before.

Jake works his fat cock slowly into unexplored territory as he allows Dixon to relax and let it slide in. ItÂ’s a tight spot for JakeÂ’s big Chrysler-sized cock, but heÂ’s an expert at parking it in tight spots. Dixon is grunting like the grunt he is as he tries to accommodate the huge dick. By the looks on DixonÂ’s face youÂ’d think someone did just pull a Chrysler into his ass. Priceless. He asks Jake if his hole is tight enough for him as he strokes his own cock fast and hard. Jake works his way into plowing mode and begins pounding his cock in and out of DixonÂ’s hole, slamming his ass so hard that you can hear his balls smacking that ass.

Next, Jake puts Dixon on his back and begins to plow him from that position as Dixon strokes his cock while Jake pounds his ass hard and fast. It doesn’t take long in this position before Dixon is screaming out, “I’m coming, I’m coming” as he breathes hard and moans. Once he’s landed a huge load all over his chest he tells Jake to keep going and get his. Jake pounds him a little more before he reaches his climax and shoots his load right in with Dixon’s. After it’s over, Kaden calls me in to do the closeouts. I give Dixon shit by telling him that in a couple of hours we’re going to do his first double penetration. For the first time ever, he throws in the white towel. Maybe another day? Enjoy.
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