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Str8hell - Milos Ovcacek - SPANKING

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1. Str8hell - Milos Ovcacek - SPANKING.mp4
Format :  MPEG-4 , Codec ID  : mp42 , Duration  : 19mn 52s , Bit rate : 4 000 Kbps
Width 1 920 pixels , Height  1 080 pixels , Display aspect ratio  : 16:9

Description - Milos Ovcacek is shackled to the bed by his wrists, and blindfolded. Borek Sokol is there too to deliver a good spanking. Milos moans loudly as Borek’s belt hits on him. He moans even louder as Borek slaps at the cock and balls through Milos’ underwear. He grabs them with one hand and slaps with the other. Walking around Milos Borek continues to beat him. Then he binds the legs as well and drips oil onto Milos’ underwear. He keeps grabbing the cock and balls and slapping Milos’ thighs and chest. Then he pulls his nipples too. Borek rips the underwear to expose Milos’ big cock and balls. Oil is dripped onto them as the spanking of the body continues. That big cock grows larger as Borek grabs at it and pulls on it. He grabs the balls, squeezing tight and slaps them, causing more moaning. Then he pulls Milos’ legs apart and lifts them up so that he can spank the exposed ass. he whips it with his belt too. More oil is applied and Borek tries to push Milos’ cock into his the ass hole. A finger slides into the hole to open it up a little before the belt hits on the ass some more. Both hands spank that hot ass and two fingers shove into the tight hole. They fuck that hole hard. Then Milos is turned over and the fingers ram into the hole again. That sexy ass gets spanked more as well, with Milos moaning all the while. Then his hole gets slammed by a dildo on a pole, fucking it real deep and very hard. Milos is then turned over and he wanks his big cock until it dumps a big, creamy, load all over his belly. Borek grabs the cock and milks the last drops from it before taking his leave.                       

For more detail see screenshot. 

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