Rusty Blu: Homo Fuge

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3D Rendered Cartoon type scene featuring 2 characters: Rusty Blu as a demon Prince of Hell, and Seth Berg, a ginger otter sinner bound to damnation.

SecondLife's most famous gay porn star Rusty Blu, sits atop his demonic throne while a bound Seth awaits his fate. He's soon met with the full force of Rusty's red demon cock down his throat. The action continues as Rusty explores the depths of Seth's sin hole using his tongue. Seth rides the demon's face a while and Rusty sticks a claw up Seth's ginger pucker to check if it's ready for more punishment. Rusty spreads his wings and enters Seth from behind, doggy-style. The demon's passions rising, he throws Seth's legs back to take him missionary style, as infernal chains lock themselves onto Seth's wrists. There is no escape as the two go face down, Seth's ass opening up fully for the red monster cock. Still bound by his cuffs, Seth climbs on top of Rusty's hellish prick to finally come to completion. After the credits roll, we see Seth being revived on a beach by a familiar-looking face. Have Seth's trips to both Paradise and Inferno been a dream? Perhaps they were visions of things to come if he doesn't change his ways.
2020-09-14 22:49:47
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