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Patrolling the walls that protect the city, Pompeius (Kevin Cage) and Varro Dardanius (Breno Lopes) take a break from their duties to indulge in each other's muscular bodies. Calaphus (Andreas Harris) catches the guys in action and invites them to join him where he expertly services their cocks before offering up his own ass for them to impale with their rock hard shafts.

After getting beaten down during gladiator training Flavius (Claudio Antonelli) begins to hallucinate and finds himself in a field where he is making love to Claudius (Santino McKenna). After worshiping each others bodies in the hot sun Flavius spreads his legs so that Claudius can drive his thick cock deep inside him.

After recovering from his humiliating defeat Flavius (Claudio Antonelli) joins Commodus (Helmut Muller) and Ligarius (Enrique Gardinelli) to feast before they do battle in the arena. After indulging in food and drink the three indulge in each other's chisled bodies and feast on one another's rock hard cocks. Then each of the studs surrender their asses for a fucking that leaves them all sweaty and covered in jizz.

Meanwhile, Mummius (Dick James) is patrolling the area and spies the three having sex and gets so caught up in the action that he has to stroke himself off and blow his own impressive cum load.

Caesar (Gino Francesco) arrives with his lover Cornelius Lucius (Austin Rogers) to see the gladiators preparing for the games. Getting an eyeful of Orsino (Glenn Santoro), Caesar slips something into Cornelius' drink to make him ill. While out getting some fresh air though Cornelius finds himself some guards that he would rather spend time with, Glabrus (Alfredo Castaldo) and Varro Dardanius (Breno Lopes). Cornelius and Varro take turns fucking Glabrus' face and then his ass until all three of them are completely spent.

Seeing potential in Orsino (Glenn Santoro), Caesar (Gino Francesco) offers him a way out of the gladiator competition, but only if he can prove himself to the Emperor. The two greeks go at it and Orsino worships Caesar's body and hard cock before letting the Emperor fuck him like he has never been fucked before.

Starring Breno Lopes, Kevin Cage, Andreas Harris, Claudio Antonelli, Helmut Muller, Enrique Gardinelli, Dick James, Austin Rogers, Alfredo Castaldo, Fredy Costa, Dean Michaels, Gerry Preston, Xavier Demarco, Eric Flower, Antonio Martinelli, Mario McCabe, Ettore Valention, Gino Francesco and Glenn Santoro.

Directed by Csaba Borbely.

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