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"Hi there, Justin here with Naughtyboyz!  You are definitely in for a TREAT with this hot bareback video!  I met 18yo Ryan about 6 weeks ago online.  We chatted for a couple of weeks, and he was VERY interested in doing a video!  He also told me that he was a virgin and wanted to lose his cherry on video! :) MMmmmm  My kind boy!  Anyway, after making some plans i flew down to finally meet this hottie!  Ryan is VERY much "the boy next door type" sweet and innocent on the outside, and 150% NAUGHTYBOY on the inside! The video starts off with us chatting about his past experiences, he tells me that the only thing he has ever done with a guy is make out and he has perfected the art of sucking dick! :)  He is also into more "mature guys" 30s up to late 40s, early 50s.  He is the type that likes to be submissive and LOVES to please his man, whatever it takes!  After chatting a little, i get down in between his legs and start checking out his body in detail.  Smooth all over and a very nice package!  After getting his shorts off, i spread his legs back and start licking his cherry hole, gently rimming him out and finally sticking my tongue up his hole and giving him a good deep rim job! Sweet Sweet Sweet!  The night before we met, i stopped at the local bookstore and picked up some anal ease and a couple of anal training toys. I wanted to give him a good deep fuck, so i figured he would need a little breaking in first. After rimming his hole out good, fingering his ass good, and sticking a few toys up his hole, i figure its time for the real meat.  We move to the bed and i get him into position, slowly probing his hot ass with my raging boner.....After a few pokes, i slide into his ass, giving him about 2-3 inches to start.  He his trying to hold me back from going deeper, but i just spread his legs more and told him to relax, while i went deeper and deeper!  After about 4-5 inches, he is really fighting my cock, so i started slowly pumping his hole.  With this being his first time, i didn't wanna make him never want cock up his ass again, so i fucked his ass for about another 5 mins, just enough to tease his ass a little.  With him moaning like crazy, my nuts started sucking up and i could feel my cumload building.......Finally i couldn't take anymore and blew about 3 BIG SHOTS of sperm into his cherry ass!  I pulled out for the last 3 or 4 shots and really creamed his hole GOOD! I grab the camera quick and get a nice close up of my sperm load running out of his hole! Mmmmm NOTHING BETTER!

The next scene i figure it was time to give him a REALLY good DEEP FUCK!  I start him off again with the toys, and let him play for a little while.  He starts fucking himself with the toys and im feeding him my cock!  This boy LOVES to suck dick, and was sucking/licking/deepthroating my bone like no other!  After about 10 or 15mins of toy play, i tell him to get on the bed.  This time i lubed his hole really good and slowly slide all of my cock deep into his ass! When i get all my cock up his hole, i start to slowly pump his ass.....building up speed until i was almost pulling out, and then going all the way up his ass!  He is REALLY moaning ALOT, but could tell that he wanted to get a good fucking!  Im pumping his hole like a rabbit, and could feel my nuts sucking up again......This time i was going to fill his hot little ass REALLY GOOD!  NO pulling out this time, it was time for him to get his ass breed!  I could feel his ass tightening up and knew it was time!  Finally i went REALLY REALLY deep and the cum started flowing!! I counted about 9 pulses from my cock and knew it was squirting a BIG LOAD up his ass!  After his ass sucks out my last drop of cum, i got a good close-up shot again of his sperm coated hole.  I was hoping to get more of the cum oozing back out, but i buried it way deep!!  It finally came back out about 4 hours later...hehe YUM!

The next day i gave Chris and Josh (from bareback house party) a call....I asked them if they were in the mood to fuck a hot boy?  They said HELL YEAH, bring him on over!  Actually we got really lucky and caught Chris right before he was heading outta town for the weekend. So Chris says he will swing by our hotel and give him a good fucking!  In the meantime, Ryan jumps in the shower, and is again down on his knees sucking my dick. After his shower he is under the sheets sucking me again!  Did i mention that Ryan LOVES TO SUCK DICK??? hehe  He was definitely cock hungry and wanted me to give him a hot face fucking.  After about 15 mins of him licking and sucking my bone, i turn him around and start fucking his mouth, it didn't take long and the look in his eyes was more than i could take and I start squirting my cumload all over his pretty face.  He is lapping up the sperm and keeps sucking until every drop of cum is sucked outta my nuts. After that, Chris shows up and we tie Ryan's legs back to the bed. They start making out, and next thing Chris starts fucking his ass with another dildo that i picked up.  Then he gets him mounted and gives him a really good hard fucking!  By this time Ryan is really getting into having a nice cock up his ass!  Chris ends up giving him a good hard fuck which ends in a big explosion of CUM!  After Chris unloads, he gives Ryan a nice blowjob!

A few hours later we head over to Josh's house for some more fun! Now Josh's is the type of guy that does what he wants! He is a VERY dominate TOP and can take care of a hungry bottom like no other! hehe Ryan was REALLY into this.....After they make out for a little while, They slowly undress each other and Ryan lubes up Josh's cock and gets on top to start. After riding his thick bone, Josh gets Ryan on all 4's and fucks him doggy style for a while.....After pumping his tight little ass for a while, he pulls out and blows a big load of hot cum in his open hole....then sticks it back in and gives him another good breeding!  After that Josh goes down on Ryans cock and sucks him off. You can tell that Ryan was REALLY horny, because the cum was squirting like crazy!  Josh does his best to swallow it down, but it was pretty overwhelming and is oozing outta Josh's mouth.  After that HOT scene we head back to the hotel, and Ryan is dick hungry AGAIN! This boy can really wear u OUT! hehe  So im kicking back in the recliner and Ryan is sucking my cock really good! I get up on my knees and start face fucking his mouth again and blow another big cumload all over his face and down his throat!


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