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RandyBlue - CooperDang & ZackNorris Pack

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RandyBlue - CooperDang 2015-02-17 Solo Interview.mp4    608.54 MB
RandyBlue - CooperDang 2015-02-20 First Scene with JordanLevine.mp4    819.13 MB
RandyBlue - CooperDang 2015-03-25 Barebacked by RomanTodd.mp4    604.72 MB
RandyBlue - ZackNorris 2015-03-14 Jerks Off His Perfect Body.mp4    603.72 MB
RandyBlue - ZackNorris 2015-03-17 First Scene with ZanePorter.mp4   578.92 MB
RandyBlue - ZackNorris 2015-05-01 Tops CooperDang Bare.mp4   709.52 MB

1) RandyBlue - CooperDang 2015-02-17 Solo Interview.mp4
1280x720 / 00:24:33 / 608 MB / Feb. 17, 2015

  Cooper was a little nervous. He had never done anything like this before. I told him to just relax. I asked him why he wanted to get into porn. He told me that to get paid to have sex with hot guys just seemed like the best job ever. He is definitely right. I had him get naked and was stunned by the perfect body he was hiding underneath those clothes. And he had just the right amount of hair sprinkled across his chest, crotch and crack. And speaking of his crack, he opened up that hole for us, and slid his finger right inside. And finally he laid back and came all over himself. This is a boy you are going to have to keep an eye on.

2) RandyBlue - CooperDang 2015-02-20 First Scene with JordanLevine.mp4
1280x720 / 00:32:20 / 520 MB / Feb. 20, 2015

    Jordan had been begging me to give him a one hundred percent bonified gay boy for his next scene partner. So when he got a hold of Cooper, he was happy as can be. Jordan has been with a lot of guys, but I never saw him get so turned on kissing a scene partner as much as Cooper. They would get lost in each other. Jordan would grab his ass while Cooper darted his tongue back and forth with Jordan. And they both got so fucking hard. As the clothes come off, Cooper bends down and swallows his cock. Then Jordan turns around lets Cooper taste his ass. Jordan picks up Cooper and throws him down on the bed. He sucks his cock, licks his ass and then shoves his dick balls deep inside his hole. Cooper moans out. He loves getting fucked by this tatted body builder. He wants more and Jordan is ready to give it to him. They do a spooning fuck position until Cooper rides Jordan to climax. He cums all over Jordan and then pops off his cock just in time to get sprayed in the face with hot jizz. Cooper laps it up and feeds it to Jordan in some hot snow ball action. The chemistry is off the charts in this one.

3) RandyBlue - CooperDang 2015-03-25 Barebacked by RomanTodd.mp4
1280x720 / 00:23:54 / 604 MB / Mar. 25, 2015

    Roman begins the scene by abruptly announcing that he is going to fuck the shit out of Cooper. Cooper seems alarmed about the promise of a hard pounding but after Roman grabs Cooper and pulls him into his hunky embrace, all is forgotten. Roman wraps his muscled arms around Cooper and slides his tongue down his throat. Cooper gives into the passion. As Roman grabs a handful of that hot Asian bubble butt, he states he cannot wait to fuck him. Cooper is happy to open his legs, he lubes that hard cock and sits right down on Roman raw. Roman bareback fucks Cooper and then Cooper hops off to suck his cock. Then he hops back on and lets Roman fuck him nice and hard. Once Roman starts to fuck Cooper doggie style, he gets overwhelmed and cream pies Cooper. As he pulls out the cum starts flying every where and drips out of his hole. Then Roman shoves it back in and and keeps on fucking. Finally he gets Cooper on his back and fucks the cum out of him and they collapse into a hot warm passionate embrace.

4) RandyBlue - ZackNorris 2015-03-14 Jerks Off His Perfect Body.mp4
1280x720 / 00:23:41 / 603 MB / Mar. 14, 2015

      When Zack walked in, my fucking jaw dropped to the floor. This guy was absolutely stunning. Young and smooth, I had him pegged as a hot blonde haired blue eyed twink, but as soon as he took his shirt off, I was staring into his rock hard six pack and some massive pecs. This guy is fucking ripped. He was very quiet and shy, but he soon loosened up as he took off more and more clothes. Zack identifies as a gold star gay, and loves to both bottom and top. He starts off his solo by getting naked and showing off his hard rigid cock. Then he bends over and shows off his pink hole. He slides a finger in. It has him so turned on he flips over and nuts all over himself. He is excited as fuck to do more.

5) RandyBlue - ZackNorris 2015-03-17 First Scene with ZanePorter.mp4
1280x720 / 00:22:54 / 578 MB / Mar. 17, 2015

    Zack and Zane are sleeping blissfully. Zack wakes up first. He rolls over and plants a kiss on Zane. The two immediately start to kiss. There is no better way to start a morning than with a hot fuck. Zack goes down on Zane and begins to suck his thick meat. Then Zane returns the favor by blowing Zack and then rimming his tight hole. After it is nice and wet, Zane just shoves his raw dick right inside of Zack. They moan in delight as Zack takes that big cock deep inside of him. They bareback nice and hard doggie style until finally Zane flips Zack over and gives it to him missionary. Zack cums while getting fucked and then Zane pulls out and cums on his hole and shoves it back it inside. Afterwards I asked Zack what was the hottest part of the scene. And he said it was definitely when Zane came in him.

6) RandyBlue - ZackNorris 2015-05-01 Tops CooperDang Bare.mp4
1280x720 / 00:28:09 / 709 MB / May 01, 2015

      Both Cooper and Zack are both very shy. So I decided to give them a cocktail to loosen them up. They decided to break the ice by playing an innocent game of truth or dare. After some fun with ice cubes and tickling, Zack pulled Cooper close to him and they started to kiss. Kissing turned to sucking cock. Sucking cock turned into rimming. And once Cooper had his hole nice and wet, Zack simply had to slip it in. Watch as Zack tops for the first time at Randy Blue. Cooper loves taking every inch of this hot blonde adonis. Finally Cooper begs for his cum, and Zack pumps a load deep inside of him. I wish all games of truth or dare ended in a cream pie.

And Hope you're loving Cooper & Zack as much as I am loving them~~~
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