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DescriptionSexpack 6
Heavy Equipment [2001]
"SexPack Six: Heavy Equipment" may well be the best of the recent Raging Stallion "SexPack" releases because a salacious amount of creativity has been added this time to sublime casting. Not one man here, veteran or newcomer, delivers anything less than a shattering performance. Everyone's favorite, Michael Brandon, mixes it up well with Raging Stallion favorites Michael Vincenzo and Mark Evrett as a perfect addition to the syncopated sexual energy of the now-infamous brick-walled room.
I find it hard to believe that Raging Stallion has been able to create six of these no-frills SexPack flicks without a flagging one in the bunch, and I find it even harder to believe that "SexPack Six: Heavy Equipment" might easily be the best so far. The guys are supremely paired and every scene has a different style to it, all of them equaling each other. The performers are all standouts, but surely by virtue of being used twice, Michael Brandon emerges as a fantastic choice for the company's latest exclusive.

Sexpack 7
Pigs in Heaven [2001]
What's the secret to the longevity of this video series? (SexPack One debuted in 2000, SexPack Eight will be out shortly, and Nine, 10, and will be finished this summer.) Well, for one thing, when trying to lock down a category for this video, one would be hard-pressed to find just one spot to put it. College boys, daddies, hairy, smooth, rough, hung, uncut, all blended together for rough sex, dirty talk and face-fucking action.
Raging Stallion has come a long way in two years. Much of it lies in the casts and crew as RS has built a reputation as a showcase for fresh newcomers and experienced talent. It's also due to Ward and Slater and their willingness to experiment with new technology and harnessing it in a way that will keep them at the forefront for years to come.

Sexpack 8
Sky's the Limit [2002]
In marked contrast to other "SexPack" features, the eighth in the series does not star a brick wall and a sling. Instead, it has a human star, the wondrous miracle of beefcake that is Sky Donovan. Performing in a few scenes here, he alternates between lusty vanilla work and some of the darker hardcore stuff, all with a hint of a smile and a flex of his gorgeous pecs. Joined by a cast of Raging Stallion regulars to fill out the video, and all of them as sturdy as ever, Sky helps the series stay fresh, with no signs of breakdown in focus or ideas.
If it's not readily apparent, this is a massive video, not only in length, but in scope. We whip through lashing, through fisting, through dildos, through Michael Brandon, all in the same film! It seems that star Sky Donovan is out to prove what he's worth, and everyone around him picks up on it. Even when he's not on display, someone is there taking his place, making sure some form of hardcore showiness is being watched. In truth, Sky deserves ownership of "SexPack Eight: Sky's the Limit" for everything he does in it has the feel of sweaty ballsy Raging Stallion action. That said, just try getting Mark Evrett's self-fisting out of your mind!

Sexpack 9
Fire in the Hole [2002]
" There's no goofy plot in Sex Pack Nine: Fire in the Hole. No attempt to be arty. This is unapologetic fetish sex in four scenes that don't waste time with dialogue. It has it all (bricks, chains, chaps, camouflage khakis, boots, tattoos, armbands and the perfunctory leather swing), but it's a bit tame. Fetish sex at its core is either tinged with pain or fear, preferably both. This video has little of either but still does a nice job with some handsome actors, clear close-ups of the action and three terrific cum shots.
Overall, Sex Pack Nine: Fire in the Hole has some hot moments, great cum shots and doesn't pretend to be anything more than what it is: Video sex to get you off.

Sexpack 10
This End Up! [2002]
"SexPack Ten: This End Up!" is high on furious sexual energy, with four long luxurious scenes taking their time to build into forceful incredibly hot episodes. With familiar Raging Stallion men to provide the dicks and asses, it's another can't-miss edition.
There are four very different scenes in "SexPack Ten: This End Up!," but all have the familiar Raging Stallion hallmark of all-out sex. That's all that is needed. Slamming fucks are the specialty here, whether Aaron's colossally clever fuck of Carlos or Enrico's spirited whomping of Brad, the positions and the energy all add up to a sweaty hunk of messy men.

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