Sean Duran & Axel Black

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With heavy tattoos and a dangerous hunk, Sean Duran is back - and this time he's locked in a hotel room in Atlanta with gorgeous twink boy, Axel Black. It happens to be Axel's first time in front of the cameras, and being paired with a dominant and extremely hung top like Sean is going to be quite the baptism of fire! The chemistry is extraordinary. The men kiss passionately, their bodies entwined on the bed. Axel rubs Sean's big cock enthusiastically and the man on top responds by touching the young man's tight, attractive ass. Axel soon has his soft lips enveloping Sean's flesh.

Sean smiles and spreads his legs as his groin begins to sizzle. Moments later, Axel is crouched on the edge of the bed, moaning in deep, pure pleasure as Sean's despicable tongue examines his tight, quivering hole. Sean is quick to get his raw rod inside the porn virgin's ass, repeatedly repositioning the boy to get the perfect blast angle and thrusting with increasing speed and force. He wants to make sure this is an encounter Axel will never forget.

Sean lies on his back and Axel crouches over him, lowering himself onto the tattooed hunk's cock and riding him enthusiastically as Sean whispers dirty words of encouragement. Axel lies on his side as Sean repeatedly thrusts his mighty cock into the boy. Axel sighs and moans; his whole body shudders with overwhelming sexual excitement. A few final strokes send Sean over the edge. He pulls away as an arc of sticky flies shoot out of his cock, covering the young boy's balls entirely. Of course, he can't resist thrusting back. Axel needs to walk away from his first filmed encounter knowing he was well and truly used.

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