Louis Lee

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Louis likes to start his day off with a morning jog. It gets his endorphins up and his blood pumping. After his run, he tears his shirt off and takes a sip of water. It drips down his muscled chest. He rubs the water into his smooth hard pecs. He is ready to take it inside. He goes into our gym and begins to show off his muscles. He flexes his biceps, and shows off his back and quads. Louis likes to be watched. All the attention begins to get his dick hard. He pulls down his shorts and starts stroking it. Once he gets nice and hard he pulls out a flesh jack and fucks the hell out of it. He grabs it with both hands, and lets every muscle in his body tense as he lets his shaft pump in and out. Next he turns over on the work out bench and shows off his ass. He slaps his round bubble butt for us. He is so worked up, he stands up and begins to jerk off his meat as hard as he can. He starts to feel the cum in his balls begging to come out. And finally it does in a massive squirt. He covers the floor in his white hot cum. This muscle boy then sits down, exhausted. Everyone should start their day with a jog and jerk.
2015-10-09 11:18:10
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