♺ The Wrestle Club [10percent Productions-Greenwood Cooper-Alluvial Entertainment] *Soft-Core* *Wrestling*

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-01-15 |
Be forewarned!
If you are looking for raw sex in this movie, then keep looking and pass this flick.
It has plenty of nudity and mostly buff men wrestling and sweating but not one dick is sucked, nobody kisses, and there is no fucking period.
By some standards, it could be considered Erotic Main Stream, Gay Oriented art with only a PG-17 rating.

But if nude Greek wrestling appeals to you like many others, than you will love this one!


Onward to the mat!

This was requested by my classics group with a lot of Matt Canyon fans, quickly followed with reinforcements from the wrestling fans that are also members.

Not a problem considering I have had this since June 6, 2009.
It was sent to me by another wrestler who said it was damaged and would not play.
Back then I got it to play, but not much more as my knowledge of video tech was still growing but weak. The movie would break up if you tried to advance it and all around had a poor quality look to it.

Well 2½ years has passed and much has passed and I have gained a bit more knowledge and experience since then.

A cropping here and another recode there and voila!  I even surprised myself!

To give you an idea, I created a preview, part from a website (Xtube) but it starts and ends with scenes from the original movie, post restoration.

If you like, you may view it streamed from my own site here:

Also included are a pile of photos along with a slide show I made with a musical background, also extracted from the original movie.

In a related note, I discovered that the distributor has done much more than just erotic cinema.
Works also include books, calendars, and music CDs!
I added a CD cover I found for an example.
The company began in 1996 and was dissolved in 2000, which usually means assets were sold to pay off creditors.

I do not know the exact reason but it was right around the "Dot Bomb" recession.
What a shame.

I end with one last note...
If you have any more requests for a wrestling movie, please ask!
I have 45.1 GB of them stored on an external HD and I need the space!


~Movieboy (a.k.a. "Squeezer" on the mat!)

The Wrestle Club [10% Productions-Greenwood/Cooper Home Video-Alluvial Entertainment]




Imagine wrestling nude with a spectacular Cover Model! He is just one of six athletically sculpted college buddies featured in a series of highly charged wrestling matches. This is one of our most popular videos, and certainly demonstrates the continuing allure of this ancient Greek sport.

Six energetic, uninhibited jocks have formed a "club" which meets every Saturday—the purpose is to hold their own roundelay wrestling tournament for the right to a lone bottle of cold beer! Manly groping and grappling, and the grinding physical contact of their naked, oiled bodies make for a lusty display of extreme sensuality. If you liked "Wrestle," you.ll really get off on ":The Wrestle Club"!

"I.ll wrestle you for it" That.s how it all began. Two college buddies used the ancient Greek method of wrestling nude to determine who would get the last beer and. Some of their friends get into the act too, and that is how THE WRESTLE CLUB was born. Now, you can get behind the scenes of one of their weekly sessions and see six athletically sculpted guys square off for the prize. It.s always nice to see sexy muscular guys get physical with each other.

Two college buddies used the ancient Greek method of wrestling nude to determine who would get the last beer. Some of their friends got into the act too, and The Wrestle Club was born.



What began as two college buddies wrestling nude for the last beer becomes an erotic spectacle when four friends join in to form a weekly all-nude wrestling club.

Stars: Dominque, Eldad, Elvis Young, Joseph Myska, Keoni, Matt Canyon

Director: Layne Derrick
Exeutive Producer: Peter Siderius
Producer: Cesar Cinzano
Writer: Dan Maguire
Director of Photography: Stephen Cook
Editor: Vincent Lopez
Music: Giancarlo Lucca
Production Coordinator: Barry Smith
Gaffer: Arnold Jennifer
Key Grip: Dario
Sound Recording: Brenda Mcintyre
Still Photographer: Robert Rausch
Casting: Ten Management

Released: 1997
Re-released: 1/3/2002


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Resolution: 640x480
Duration: 0:47:52
Audio bit rate: 128 kbs
Frame rate: 29.97 fps
Video data rate: 1307 kbs
Format: XVID-MPEG-4
Added2017-09-29 11:58:26
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