[Exotic Prod - Wet Thai Stories 16] Lollicock

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Lollicock, #16 in the Wet Thai stories from Exotic Productions. Thai twinks,
4 scenes - 1 solo.
Description:- "Pump it up. The manager of a mail-order company enlist the aid of a hot
co-worker to "test drive" a new penis pump.
Hold onto your joy stick as our handsome hero surfs the chat rooms and
hooks up with a hot cyber-stud who is even more tantalizing in the flesh. 
Snap the pose. A super fine young model playfully poses and primps as he
'auditions' all of his many glorious assets for the camera.
Passion sizzles and then explodes as two sexy sailors separated by miles
of ocean finally reunite."
Running time 1hr 30mins, Xvid.
2011-06-10 02:32:47
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