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[BG EAST]Skip Vance vs Billy Lodi

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The Young and The Wrestless

"What's up bitch?" is the greeting that Billy gives to his old pal Skip upon entering the mat room. Skip smirks at his friend. The two have known each other since they were childhood buddies, wrestling around in the back yard. The two were always evenly matched, but that didn't stop the rest of the neighborhood kids from coming around to watch the two go at it. Despite the rivalry, there's something else lurking there between these two young BGE up and coming stars. There's a certain chemistry that can't be denied, and perhaps this reunion of childhood friends will turn into more than just a tussle?

Skip tries to impress his former playmate by flexing his leg muscles for him, hoping his thighs will intimidate Billy, but Billy's eyes can't help but wander up to those tight white shorts packing a bulge he doesn't remember seeing in their younger years. Billy always liked Skip's blonde hair and fair skin. A golden boy to call his own, he thinks to himself.

Billy's buzz cut and sexy tattoos have already gotten Skip hot 'n bothered, though he tries to hide it. He hopes Billy doesn't notice his rising dick, so to divert his attention he throws his pal down and wraps those tight legs around him! It's not long before he's shoving his bulge into Billy's baby-face. Billy is enjoying this a little too much, pressing his face into Skip's smooth chest. Even after punching Skip's gut, grabbing his balls, and bending him in a finely executed OTK backbreaker, Billy shows concern for his friend asking, "You okay?" Skip's response is to throw him down and trap him in a schoolboy pin, showing off his bulge and how much it's grown since the last time they'd seen each other.

Calm, cool, collected Billy doesn't flinch at Skip's attempts to prove he's no longer a boy. In fact, he welcomes it, scoffing at Skip's verbal abuse and punishing holds. Billy knows how to put Skip in his place - by running his fingers through his the boy's blonde locks and then shoving his own crotch into his mouth and asking, "Is that what you want?" Skip looks up at the guy he used to have such a crush on and answers, "Maybe..."
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