SBZ - Pack 5 of 7

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DescriptionSBZ - Pack 5 of 7

Here you have it, the 5th pack of a massive collection of 163 videos from SBZ. Almost done. Only two are left now.

004 Kevin 1018 MB
043 Kevin 181 MB
058 Brendt 319 MB
077 Alex 636 MB
093 Alec 412 MB
095 Jeremy 445 MB
097 Damien 558 MB
105 Brendt 423 MB
126 Jimmy 892 MB
130 Steven 970 MB
161 Jaxon 595 MB
172 Brandon 307 MB
185 Alec 591 MB
206 Jaxon 207 MB
211 Alan 662 MB
228 Will 407 MB
243 Armond 709 MB
250 Alec 495 MB
252 Jaxon 631 MB
260 Jaxon 333 MB
262 Colby 470 MB
270 Brendt 332 MB
275 Sven 509 MB
278 Jacques LaVere 193 MB
and also a PDF containing the whole list.

As I've explained before, these vids are screen captured, first with lossless quality and afterwards rendered in a divx format to have an affordable size. Only a jackass mind can ever think I remastered it from a mp4. The site SBZ offers only stream vids with DRM protection. This is the only way I could keep the vids from this site when I subscribed it last year, and now I'm sharing it with so many people, that have been giving me support and I'm happy with it.
I know that there are vids from SBZ in mp4 and drm-free, but you won't find them in the SBZ site. You only get these in VOD sites (like a e b n . n e t) but they can cost you as much as $25 for a pack of an average of 5 scenes. Hopefully someone rich in here can buy them and share with us all :-)).

Haven't the Packs 1 to 4 yet? Use the following torrent addresses.
See you back next Sunday, 21th June, for the launching of the Summer season (*), and of course, for the launching of the 6th Pack. You can know what will be in there, because the information is in the PDF enclosed.

(*) in my latitude :-)

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